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Solo women RVers
This thread is not about dating solo RV female folks.  But given that fact, some men just do not get the idea, that you do not have an agenda when you are just being social.  You are just being nice and communicating and that is it.

If you cant just be social, then pretend to yourself that you start out slowly my fellow menfolk.  Forget the cliche of DATE and just think interesting diversion of social time, with NO DATE AGENDA.

The magic will happen if its supposed to.  Many times it is not supposed to, so don't force it, and don't anticipate it with solo RV women. .  Enjoy the social company of a fellow interesting human soul, and learn to be friends with someone who is not interested in you (because they have friends and sisters who might be interested in you).

High school lessons.  How to be an acquaintance and thats it. 
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CanadianTraveler (07-03-2017), patschum (03-26-2017)
Boy I sure wish other campers just wanted to share the camp fire and a cool drink alone at a camp site is a downer
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I never consider when I meet a woman, that we will hook up. I have never been one to sleep with someone I just met. If I meet someone I am interested in for a possible relationship. I like to get to know that person, and it would be awhile down the road before it would go any farther. Besides, if I did meet someone who wanted to hookup right away, I don't think they are the type of woman I would want to be with.
So to all the women out there, if we meet, you can be assured it is to be friend. we can sit by the campfire and visit. Then I will go to my camper and you can go to yours, then enjoy some coffee in the morning. 
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I'll camp next to you any time , I like the way you think

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AHH for a night of female conversation around a nice fire. What more could a man wish for. I hope the dinner was a least good.
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offroad Wrote:Used to fall for the damsel type.  Now it has the opposite effect on me.  Run way!! run away!!  Or shoot before it breeds!!  ha ha.

GOOD call. Just please note that if you find a female kicking her van while spewing invective that would make a sailor blush and accusing it's mother of being a POS pig hauler, you probably aren't in any danger of being damselled.
Not that I would ever do such a thing, of course
'It's not that I condone facism, or any ism for that matter. Isms, in my opinion, are not good. A person should not believe in an ism, he should believe in himself.'
-Ferris Bueller
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I think it is all primitive behavior. Men will always feel the need to provide and protect and women will always feel the need to nurture. It isn't a bad thing. I have been a very independent woman all my life and raised 4 kids alone and if a man wants to help me... I agree because not only does it make me feel good but him as well and vice versa. Kinda like emotional bartering... both can give advice to help each other out. I don't feel we are here to compete with each other so much as to compliment each other. Like a puzzle of weakness and strength... it fits together wonderfully =) HuggZ
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Mortisha Wrote:I don't feel we are here to compete with each other so much as to compliment each other. Like a puzzle of weakness and strength... it fits together wonderfully =) HuggZ

Well said, Mortisha! 

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Marie (03-19-2015)
There's a nomadic woman phenomenon I've been watching out of the corner of my eye for 60 of my 70 years.  They used to drift into the small town where I was living, get jobs as waitresses, have half the men in town making runs at them while they laughed it off casually, had the women in town whispering uglies about them to one another, then drifted on.

I've picked a lot of them up hitching cross country over the years and always tried to learn as much about what was going on in their minds and what motivated them as they were comfortable discussing.  They came from all backgrounds, had all manner of world-views, some were 'driven' by family and romance situations, some by pure joy of freedom, some by guilt.

About the only thing they all had in common was guts, independence and determination.  I've rarely met one I didn't admire.

I suspect a number of woman-RV-Van-Car dwellers share a lot of the character traits of those I've encountered.  I hope to share a campsite and a cup of coffee with a few during the next phase of this life I'm about to enter.
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Marie (03-19-2015)
Great video.  ....and Lifemagician, it sounds like you have the sound muted.  Just click where the "X" is on the sound.  That will un-mute it.
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