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Wind/rain deflectors
As everyone else has said, vehicle specfic. Amazon, stick on type. I then drilled holes and used 3 self tapping screws to ensure that they stay on. And as my minivan is white, plastidip coated them white. Protects the plastic from UV degradation and makes them blend in nicely.
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Was just looking at these. Ran into a situation where it was raining out as I was falling asleep so I closed my windows only for it to get uncomfortably warm and a tad humid inside my car. So I had to pick between that or letting a little rain in which wasn't fun. I've looked at prices for rain guards/deflectors and they are like 30-40 bucks which I feel is too high. I'm going to try make my own with some materials I have. Best idea I have so far is cutting strips out of plastic milk gallon jug, tapping them together length wise, and inserting them up into the window rubber carriage like you see when inserting some deflectors. I've also thought about using tin foil but I'd have to see. All I need is something simple to use only when it's raining and I'm sleeping so this shouldn't be too difficult.
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