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Unlimited Sprint LTE for $14 a month.
I found this on Howardforums. has a service that for $250 the first year and $168 a year ($14 a month) after that you get unlimited Sprint LTE. The first year includes the hotspot and service but they have shorter term deals to.

There are no low income requirements and it's not on the shady side like the Verizon 3G. A pretty good deal for unlimited IF you have Sprint coverage.
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Howardforums is the place for clueful carrier conversations.
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Goshawk (07-15-2017)
I just ordered my hotspot from I did get the $14 a month version for a total payment of $265 for the first year. That included the hotspot, 12 months of unlimited Sprint LTE service and a one time membership fee of $15. I'll receive a invoice in 11 months for $168 for the next year.

They now have a more expensive option that uses the ability to combine the different antennas Sprint uses for faster speeds called carrier aggregation. It is $410 for the first year and $250 a year after that. I have CA on some of my devices and even with all three LTE antennas available they rarely connect to more than one. You can also do 1, 3, or 6 month plans or pay the hotspot off in payments.

I'll let you know how it goes when I get it.
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After I started traveling I found sprint was not where I was often enough to change services.

On the road....
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It isn't switching for me, it's adding. I have some sort of service on all four carriers, three of those unlimited in one way or another for $35 a month. Certainly not as simple and convenient as a unlimited, unthrottled Verizon account but I can't justify the cost. The only thing I don't have is roaming on private towers.
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Is there a way to test to see what the Sprint connection is like at a certain location?

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There are carrier maps and user report maps but I have been outside of the service areas shown and got a usable signal. My house is just outside for instance.
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skyl4rk (12-06-2016)
(12-06-2016, 09:04 PM)skyl4rk Wrote: Is there a way to test to see what the Sprint connection is like at a certain location?

Try it and see. I've got two devices on freedompop (sprint) and where I am now one gets usable 3g most of the time and the other gets nothing. The time keeps changing on the usable one, I must be between CA and AZ towers and it can't decide which to use.
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Goshawk (07-15-2017)
as far as getting SPRINT and TMOBILE to work in the rural areas, make sure you have some kind of external antenna booster system that can take the cellular data signal and move it into your RV. And make sure you take advantage of whatever is their newest signal transmission. 4GLTE or whatever is the sprint or tmobile equivalent.

as for myself, am seriously looking at the $140 per month Verizon 200gig business account via their MIFI device (a year from now). We all know that VERIZON will work, if anyone does, in most areas of the USA. Right now am not mobile and I pay $135 per month for unlimited fixed internet from AT&T, and two cell phones each with 5gigs per month. If I switch over a year from now I will be spending $185 a month (we will keep one cell phone plan) and just use a VOIP cellphone with the hotspot (so I will have two).

Its sounds like not a bad situation. Plus if I get near my 200gigs limit I can just use starbucks or mcdonalds for wifi. Many use this amount of data if they are uploading videos to YOUTUBE or their sponsored web/blog pages. Plus others need it for work if they are mobile.
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I went for the sprint Karma last year. never did get a signal on it. Thankfully, there's no monthly charge unless I connect. A lot of other people returned theirs. I've had other priorities or I would have, too.
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