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Diesel Truck
with 6k I would look for the older Ford IDI's from 1994-back either a 6.9 or the and easy to work on. An older dodge 12vavle cummins would be a good choice too. You could probably find a good F-350 dually in those year ranges for under 6k
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(11-02-2016, 01:14 PM)Oopslala Wrote: Interesting read.  I know that the camper will be about 8,250-8500 loaded up and I will not upgrade to anything larger because I just don't need that being alone.

That being said, is it feasible to think about a gas 3/4 or 1 ton can pull it comfortably? I plan on shed hunting to make most of my money so it must be able to handle dirt roads and all that jazz to get there.  

Also, do they put Allison transmissions in gas trucks as well? I'm pretty much set on Chevy or dodge, at least that's what my brain tells me thus far.

Yes I have seen Allison transmissions in a 2500 chevy 8.1 Gasser, I asked the guy what was his mileage like with that big block, he said 12 miles to the gallon, if he was towing or not.
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