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CB Radio Today
if you're coming to RTR, bring the CBs with you, others might be interested in working units
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carl7 (11-17-2016)
If you want the know what is happening on the road ahead tend to use WAZE. As they update the road conditions. Also google maps tells you traffic conditions.

As far as radio communication. You need to use whatever the other person is using a lot in that area. CB is good for close by in 10 miles or less. Ham radio 2 meter is good to 20 miles (or 100 if you have higher power). Ham radio HF is good world wide if you have the correct frequency, or mode.

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Itripper (11-17-2017), carl7 (11-17-2016)
The apps get the real time traffic data by tracking smartphones using the app.
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I haven't brought my class B or C yet but I brought a mobile CB radio & walkie talkie this year.
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I have a cb installed in my trailer, and it can be useful. I am also a ham, I have two uhf/vhf radios that go between my truck and trailer. I enjoy both. I will be getting an hf amateur unit in the next year or so.

I plan on having a cb in the truck as well. I will have a total of 5 radios on the rig. A cb, hf and uhf/vhf radios in the trailer and a cb and uhf/vhf in the truck. I do need solar panels to help power all this.
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I have a working CB in the van and use it all the time! Got hooked on em as a kid Wink

The vintage gear is usually much better quality than newer units, from what I hear.

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Spent my youth (misspent?) with a CB in the car, delivering pizza for my Dad. All the delivery guys in town were so equipped, and though we were competitors, we'd always be helping each other out with directions, or even mechanical assistance if someone broke down. The occasional ne'er do well who'd show up to cause trouble seldom lasted long, as we were numerous enough to be able to triangulate without any additional equipment. I'll leave that right there...

Though I'm a licensed ham, I agree that having a CB handy is still a good idea. While not as much in use as a couple decades ago, if you're convoying with other folks who don't have an amateur license, it beats keeping the cellphone on all the time, and easier than setting up a conference call on the fly.
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