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Women's Forum: Any female urban stealthers
I'm thinking about delaying my retirement for a few months but moving into my van and using that time to do some deep saving. Has anyone done stealth for more than a couple nights?
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Instead of trying to do stealth, why not think about all the various places you CAN stay overnight.

Check out the viability of multiple Walmarts, Flying J's, Cracker Barrels etc. Just randomly rotate the locations so you're not always at XX on Mondays. Even if you have to drive, say a 1/2 hour to get to one, it's IMO, worth the gas to know that you're allowed to be there.

I'd randomly rotate between them, but I've seen one W/M where one couple stayed the whole dang summer, just moved from one side of the lot to the other for shade during the daytime. I'm surprised no one said anything to them but 'not my job'!

Use the drivers' app at to verify the W/Ms in your neighborhood and then check out any truck stops, Cracker Barrels in person. I suggest checking them out in person because I've found a couple of Flying J/Pilots that I didn't want to park in overnight and a couple of Cracker Barrels (really rare) that were posted 'no overnight'.

Also, any 24 hour gyms in your area, while requiring a little more stealth than the W/M, won't need total stealth cause people are there 24/7.
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mayble (11-27-2017), Roaming_Raven (11-21-2017)
Just don't park right outside the door.
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Not yet but I will be! I will need to stay in the area for while until my physical therapy access is determined for other areas.... already I have scoped out various and sundry parking lots.... there is a church in the area that allows other businesses to park their vans in the corner of the lot. Sounds good. And while most of the major stores/strip parking and medical centers do have that blasted Tow Away zone... 24/7... I'm pretty sure a visit to the hospital ER lot once a month or so won't be too bad... (they do lock up the other parking lots.)

Plus, in a pinch, I can play dumb and quiet (truly stealth with black out curtains etc in windows so not light gets out, ) because even in a Tow Away zone, towing my vehicle would be way difficult PLUS I have a handicap tag and in the State I'm in it's ILLEGAL to tow such a vehicle without owner's permission (well unless it's in the way of emergency vehicles or something like that I think.)

I've seen many of the tow away lots have security officers.... who work for a pittance. In a bind I'm sure a small bill will have them let me park on the edge of the site for 4-5 hours of needed shut eye? One will see.

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If you see a likely business, ask the clerk if it would be all right. If they're wearing a name tag, put it into memory. "Hello, Officer! Matilda at the counter said it would be okay for one night."
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Yes, for the past three weeks in a car. I think its safe as long as no one knows theres a woman alone sleeping there.

I make a little tent covering up with a blanket, no one can see me. For all they know there's empty boxes in the back seat.

Its pretty cozy. Plus what a relief to be saving on rent.
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I always joke...the smart gal out here alone has a pit bull in the backseat. I know i feel much more safe because of my dog!
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Not pitties, but....
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I lived at my place of employment for 7 months in a big city in Virginia. I took the money I made at went full-time unemployed minivan living.
Then I moved to a Food lion in a cute little town about 40 miles away and lived there for 6 weeks. Then I moved to a larger town because I missed the anonymity and convenience. I lived in a super Walmart strip mall for another 3 weeks. Then left Virginia all together. But I just stay places that look interesting or safe. I haven't been out west at all yet. All of my van living has been at friends shopping centers or quiet neighborhoods.
Now I am buying a "real rig"and heading to New Mexico. I am 51 years old with a couple adorable dogs. I figured if I could do it in such a minimalist way and be happy it's time to "fish or cut bait". I'm building my own rig starting in a couple weeks.

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Nissi (10-03-2017)
I haven't found the need to stealth a whole lot. Most of the time a Lowes, WM, CrackerBarrel, or truck stop is available. I'll run my generator at a truck stop and charge batteries. If I am away from other vehicles, I might run it at WM or Lowes. Stealth is when those places are unavailable. I'm in a class c. I'll choose a neighborhood and park on a corner that is close to a house but not in direct line. I could be visiting either one. I'll walk the dogs and mosey around. After most the traffic has left the area to go to work, the pups and I will head on down the road yet again. Warehouse districts are great places to stealth but not always safe. Watch for graffiti and stay away from that area.
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