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Women's Forum: Any female urban stealthers
(12-02-2016, 08:46 PM)mothercoder Wrote: I'm thinking about delaying my retirement for a few months but moving into my van and using that time to do some deep saving. Has anyone done stealth for more than a couple nights?

I pick up my van in another month and will be doing stealth FT. I will be staying around my home base of a small city as much as I can. Unfortunately the Walmart here is overruled by the city ordinance so they can't allow overnight parking. I've got my eyes set on apartment and townhouse developments, hospital parking lot, a friend's back driveway, etc. Will look for an all night gym. Good luck to you!
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I've been doing a combination in November. I can stay at the local state park for $20/night but only for 14 nights every 30 days so I have been staying Monday through Thursday night and then nearby free campsites plus local WalMart's on Friday through Sunday nights. Lately though I am wondering why I am even spending the $20/night. Since I am at work all day and only really need to have a safe place to relax and then sleep in the evenings. I often wake up in the morning and am amazed at how well I slept and that nobody knocked on my door and told me to leave overnight. I am considering giving up the state park altogether and doing urban camping 100% to save even more money. Good Luck to you. Let us know how it works out.
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