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Question for the girl's room.
Last night, I had company very much unaccustomed to Non flush toilets , and she needed to tinkle, and I had no real options but to recommend a dark private enough bush nearby, or my sterile 3.5 gallon 'emergency' bucket with the Gamma screw top lid while I offered to wait outside, but she chose the bush and came back in very cold and not quite as 'in the mood' as before, and she wound up leaving much before I would have liked in the morning, as there was no way the bush was an option in daylight.

Myself, I hang Mr Happy into a black painted gallon jug of widemouth gatorade bottle which is easy to keep clean and sterile and felt horrible for not having an easy clean non embarrassing option for her number 1 requirements.

But, what would be best products/methods/techniques for such situations?

 Sterile Transmission funnel with clean unused bottle just for her? 
 How much privacy do I offer?  Leave the Van entirely?
 Anyway to pull this off gentlemanly so that she will not shudder on remembering having to step outside her comfort zone?

Thanks for your input.
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The funnel takes practice. Keep a 3(ish) lb. Folger coffee can (it's got a handle for ease of use) Offer privacy and and maybe even empty it for her. At least until she's a little less green.
I'd like to give myself a few negative ratings, because I am such a big meanie. The forum won't allow it. Feel free!

Cyndi (made it across the cattle guard)

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If your date isn't accustomed to alternate toilet methods, I just don't see how you're going to win this one...Cyndi's suggestion of offering to empty the coffee can for her made me lol Big Grin

I only see three options for Mr. Happy having a happy time here: 1) hotel room, 2) portable toilet, or 3) start dating men, they aren't so picky...

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You've been a wealth of knowledge and been much appreciated. Thank you also for this post and "Mr Happy". Lol!

I think any woman who knows that you live in a van should expect that she'll have to do things a little unconventionally. The coffee can idea is good, or you can setup a portapotty, or maybe get something like a pstyle (a female stand to pee device).
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The missing ingredient is charisma in your sales pitch. If you present your options as poor accommodations, they will be received as such. My experience is that most girls can be talked into peeing in a funnel! Big Grin

Alternatively, park near public bathrooms that stay open at night.
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(12-04-2016, 09:34 PM)BradKW Wrote: start dating men, they aren't so picky...

Okay, now that made me laugh
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I have a different theory than cyndi (unusual as I usually agree on things with her).

I suspect one reason she did not want the indoor option is that she knew then YOU would have to be dealing with whatever bodily fluids she left in whatever receptical. How many women want a new lover to have to be dealing with her pee? LOL

The best quick idea I came up with is to keep a few WAGBAGS or maybe better the Travel John brand of toilet bags. Each have a powder that makes a rather leakproof gel when the urine goes in the heavy duty bag.

Before I had my rig, when my partner and I took long roadtrips (on backroad motorcycle routes for him), I always carried both the urinal and poo versions of the travel john bags. The one for urine has a support/rigid oval when opened. It is easy for a woman to hold against her "undercarriage" and use standing up or sitting down.

But for your situation, the beauty is that she then only has to use built-in ziplock closure to fully seal the bag. It will be easy to show her in seconds how to use it, and then she can throw the fully sealed pouch in with your trash. She does not have to worry that you need to see or deal with it.

In answer to the privacy thing.. YES, you go outside to give her complete privacy until SHE feels comfortable enough to indicate you do not need to do it.

Here is a link to the Travel John product on Amazon (tho I did not go through Bob's search box). I think some outdoors shops and some Walmarts carry these, too. Just make sure what you get has that rigid oval for easy use. (I think the poo bags could easily be used with your bucket and, again, she can seal it up after use without the embarrassment of you having to deal with it.)
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1. Get a 2- or 3-gallon bucket.
2. Cover the edge with a piece of that gray foam pipe insulation (the kind that is pre-cut) for comfort.
3. Line with a plastic bag.
4. Add 2 or 3" of sawdust, cat litterbox pellets, or regular cat litter.
5. Provide TP.
6. Tell her to just tie a knot in the bag, leave it in the bucket, and you'll take care of it.
7. If she's staying, dispose of it, and repeat all above.

Extra points for having it ready beforehand. More extra points for leaving the van -- assuming is not a good thing with women.
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Could always get a bed pan and use a liner.
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Most of my fe-male friends are adjusted to basic body functions and in tune with my off-road lifestyle, hey we all do it,perhaps the hippie life style had some benefits. try peat moss it has an earthy aroma
and will arouse the primal instinct to "do it" always use a gamma lid. love ye, I am a guy
2015 RTR
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