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Question for the girl's room.
Hey, Thanks all for the helpful and humorous replies.  

I do have a plastic handled large coffee carriers/container, but it is not currently empty of coffee. I wish I thought of it as I could have transferred it to a large Zip lock.   Later disposal of her number 1 is not a deal breaker, for me, but I understand if it is for her, so the disposable kits which turn into  gel are nice, but pricey, but would have been worth it this morning for sure.  Morning came much too quick.

The Pstyle and other similar products look like a good option to be able to present as well.

I think in the future, I will just present the gamma lid sawdust option, coffee can (with sawdust?), and the pStyle or similar, next time and see how that goes over. The Gamma lid 3.5 gallon bucket option would have required me lifting the back portion of the hinged bed platform, or going outside to open back doors, neither of which was a desirable option at the time.

The purple "specially designed" female  silicone funnels look easier to direct into a tighter sealing bottle than the Pstyle.   Is directing one of these into a clean bottle just another cringe worthy step for the unaccustomed?

How about if I was again woefully unprepared for the possibility of company, and there was only Mr happy's Gatorade bottle? 
 'Hey baby, why don't you use My Stinky P bottle? ' I think this one might have run screaming from the van on the first Whiff. 

Now some other questions/ considerations......  

Me hanging Mr Happy into Gatorade bottle while she is in back on bed........ 
 Shall I hide the look of pleasure on my face on relieving myself incase it is too similar to another face I might have made? ;0

And what about the morning wood urination issue, where I usually have to lay face down on bed and double check my aim.  Would she Be OK with me rolling her to the other side of the bed so there is room for me to lay my upper body?

These of course are only a partially serious questions Smile

About the privacy.  How about if the coffee can or other urine receptacle/ method , was in the space between front seats.  The front windows all have very tightly fitting reflectix panels for blocking of 99.5% of light.  Very private, and I have a thick curtain behind front two seats which hangs to floor.  Could I remain in bed in the back?  My head would not be in line of sight of curtain, there is a cabinet in the way.  I could turn up fans to high speed to make white noise.  Pretend to start snoring........

I really did not want to get out of bed and leave the van, it was a chilly morning, and that pesky morning wood might have scared some passers by....... but certainly would of if it meant she would have climbed back under covers for a few more hours.
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Oh, Wow.  This is something I never considered.  It is so dependent on the lady's upbringing, experiences, cultural beliefs, personal attitudes about her body and romantic notions.  What would be acceptable to some may be absolutely a deal breaker for others!  I was a hospital nurse for many years and am well aware of these differences.

I would suggest you assume the lady is most comfortable with as much privacy as you can provide.  I like the idea of the between the front seats with a curtain providing a visual barrier.  White noise -- maybe soft music?  And urine can have an odor, too, so maybe a lightly scented candle or lavender in a cup of warm water or ?  And don't forget something for personal cleanliness (some sort of wipes? Be careful here, chemicals can call a fast halt to the evening), not just toilet paper.  

The attitude you take is all important. How can I say this? Ladies don't like to admit to gentlemen that "dirty" things occur so close to where you're going.  Some want it to be pristinely clean and odor free, a difficult accomplishment under the best of circumstances.  So you may need to adopt an attitude of denial.  Next time, be prepared.  And make it as romantic as possible.  Maybe while she is occupied, you do something unrelated -- make a cup of tea, or a beverage or snack?  DO something so you're not just "waiting" while she is doing her business.  Straighten up the bed.  Change the music, check your battery levels,  anything that shows you aren't thinking about the elephant in the room.  Pretend you don't know what she's doing (Her:  "I'm going to freshen up a bit.").  Consider this an opportunity for you to do the same, btw.

This can be complicated because it should be ready in advance, yet you don't want to appear to be a frequent player.  Or have attitudes changed in recent years?

"Romance" can cover up a lot of practical aspects of life.  Use it.  And I don't mean "love".  Think of it as a stage setting.

This is difficult to explain and some may disagree.  But when I see a gentleman has put some thought into my comfort, it advances progress.

Best wishes!  Sigh.
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bpdchief (12-20-2017), #1BonBonQueen (12-05-2016)
Sternwake, be advised, stand-to-pee things like the p-style take a bit of practice. It would kill the mood pretty quickly if she ended up with socks and shoes full of squishy warm pee. Trust me on this.
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MsMoon (09-02-2017), KASibson (12-07-2016), Marie (12-05-2016)
Ditto what Queen said. And some never get the hang of it. Pee on her pants leg is going to turn her off much faster than having to go outside in the cold.

A folgers coffee can will hold around 24 hours woth of urine. No need to empty it right away

I do like the sound of that gel stuff.
I'd like to give myself a few negative ratings, because I am such a big meanie. The forum won't allow it. Feel free!

Cyndi (made it across the cattle guard)

"I reject your reality and substitute my own."
~ Adam Savage
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Yes this is a tough predicament for a woman who isn't used to camping or the wilderness lifestyle in general.

As already mentioned above, I wouldn't suggest the stand-to-pee gadgets as they aren't for a newbie. I like the gel bag idea but if they're pricey then maybe only keep a couple on hand for the gal that isn't as adventurous to use a bucket? I don't know, just a thought.

I like the idea of the bucket up front with the curtain in between. Most girls are shy to the thought of a potential lover hearing them pee so white noise or maybe turn on a radio would go a long way for her comfort.

Or might I suggest you just stat keeping an eye out for the more wild and rugged girl to begin with and this is sure to not be an issue. hahaha Just kidding.

Being the girl who will be living in a van and men aren't as shy I'm sure I will never have this issue. But I feel for you guys who have to deal with this. I've always been and outdoorsy, camper, rugged kind of girl so this would never be an issue with me.
~ Cheli ~

Looking forward to becoming a nomad and living free.
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bpdchief (12-20-2017)
Pooping in the woods is the one thing I really hate doing.
"Progress is a nice word. But change is its motivator. And change has its enemies."

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ldmccain (12-05-2016)
Good input again. Thank you.

I highly doubt this particular woman will be making a return, Not my type and I most certainly am not hers, not even clo$e, but there was alcohol involved and she couldn't keep her hands off of my shoulders, the Van was close, and private, and it has been a long while for me.

Really in starting this thread I was putting an eye to the future to minimize the 'culture shock' if another woman, hopefully one more outdoorsy, and not one sloshed with white wine, wants to spend the night and hopefully stick around for the morning session too.

So the stand to pee contraptions are out, and it appears the large coffee container or the bucket with Gamma lid behind the front curtain with white noise is the leading method, should this situation occur again. I'll likely acquire the gelling packs and stand to pee just to have as options to present should the need arise again.

Honestly for me, regarding the midnight/ early morning tinkle, The coffee can method behind front curtain would be most convenient for me. In general the air intake fan is in back by the bed and the exhaust fan in ceiling just above curtained partition. So these should provide white noise and keep any urine smells from affronting the senses.
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Sounds like a good plan Stan.....errr uhm I mean Stern. Get it? See what I did there? hahaha I crack myself up, I'm gonna be just fine on the road by myself. LOL
~ Cheli ~

Looking forward to becoming a nomad and living free.
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WriterMs (12-05-2016)
(12-05-2016, 01:54 PM)SternWake Wrote: if another woman, hopefully one more outdoorsy, and not one sloshed with white wine

Well there's your problem right there, next time you've gotta pick up a beer drinker. Girls that drink beer know how to pee.
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bpdchief (12-20-2017)
Good advice from ALL!

As long as "Mr. Happy" is happy and she is happy that's all that counts!

"If a man does not keep pace with his companion, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer.
Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away."

Henry Thoreau
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