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How do you shave your face= beardless
just wondering how you deal with this I use a battery trimmer and a rechargeable razor about once a week, the other days I look intense and artsy. Ha
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Generally I use elecric clippers whenever the beard starts bugging me
If I wanted to be SHAVED, I would shave, with a Bic razor and shaving gel, hot or cold water, depending on my options
My dad had a straight razor, but I'd likely slit my throat if I tried that lol
There was a reason men back in the 18th century paid a barber to scrape the stubble off (I'm guessing ladies back then went au natural, as no one was gonna see their legs with those ankle lnegth dresses, anyway)
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invertor + electric razor , i aim for once or twice a day , sometimes when i'm busy i end up going 3  or 4 days without shaving which really bothers me , at that point i have to use a  electric hair cutter with no attachments to get the hair low enough that i can finish with the electric razor.
The hair cutter is also powered from my invertor or generator if the generator is already running.
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Rechargeable razor every day or 2. Small scissors to keep mustache and beard trimmed.
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The Braun Mobileshave M60 runs on AA batteries, does a decent job, and goes quite a few weeks without needing battery replacement. Great when you really want to conserve water.
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I have worn a beard and moustache since I left the Navy in 1986. I keep it trimmed short with scizzors, and trim my moustache too.
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Once or twice a year I take the dog clippers to it. Run off an inverter if I am out and about. However, that just gets me back too stubble. I haven't been "clean shaven" in years.
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I have not shaven clean since 2007. I always suffered ingrown hairs on my Neck no matter what product or shaving method/direction I tried.

Now I use clippers and am perpetually scruffy, as What the F do I need to look respectable for anyway? The goatee reduces the area I need to trim anyway.

This is my device of choice:

I Still carry around a gillette mach 3, and have 25 replacement blades for it, but screw that shaving rash bullshit.

The trimmer above is no time saver, but I get no shaving rash.
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I always SHAVE every day with a cheap disposable razor with soap and water while in the shower.....'cept for the moustache........if I shave that off I don't recognize myself in the mirror doug
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I use a vintage Gillette double edge razor to shave my head and the parts of my face that aren't bearded. Lather up and shave while showering.
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