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How do you shave your face= beardless
I've been cutting my hair for years with a Wahl electric clipper & use it to trim my beard & stash too. The longest I've gone without a haircut was 8 years, but it got annoying. Since leaving high school mid 70's I was clean shaven for a few months in 2010, that didn't last. The guides for the Wahl that I have can have my hair/beard from 1/8" up to 2", current length.
Cheers, Rick
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Clean shave twice a week with shave cream and a razor. Cut my hair twice a month with my $12 Wahl clippers I got from Walmart 15 years ago.

I don’t care for the shaggy, unkept look; and I think it effects how you are treated by strangers.

Just my opinion . . .
Speed Gray, K8SG
Grand Rapids, MI

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Gave up the shave and a haircut thing when I stopped wearing suits. Just a ball cap and scrunchy, maybe use a comb when I run across it. Cool
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When boondocking, I generally use a rechargable electric razor.  If I'm not and have hookups, then I use a safety razor.  If I shower while boondocking, then I'll also use the safety razor.  I will shower about every three days when boondocking.
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Rechargeable electric razor. I usually keep some stubble unless I really need to be clean shaven.
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I'm a bit late to the party on this one, but for at least the last 5 years I've used rechargeable clippers to trim everything. Beard, hair, face, .... yup, everything. Prior to that I wasn't a fan of shaving due to irritation and annoyance, so I would get pretty scruffy looking between shaves anyway. Now it's quick and easy to run the clippers over my head, beard, and mustache at a longer setting, and the rest at the shortest setting. I end up sporting a perpetual "five o'clock shadow" but it suits me and gives me that "don't f___ with me" look that tends to discourage trouble.

I invested in a higher quality model that I expected to last, and it has done very well so far: Conair HC1100. It's not even that expensive. Around here the cost of about 4 hair cuts is the break even point.

Hair maintenance is SO much easier when it's less than 1/4" all over. It might just be the best choice I ever made. I did need to invest in some hats though to avoid sunburn and cold.
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Agreed. I use the same clippers for my hair that I use for my face. I use a guard that leaves about 1/2" on my head and no guard on my face.
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