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Sophia's Hauler...
Crisis averted... A couple of days ago, I was moving a box around in the van and placed it up on the bed. Then just now I realized it was 4 degrees ( FOUR not 14 or 24!!!)

AND I remembered in that box was a gallon jug of water.
Normally not a big deal. But at four degrees, holy cow batman!!! So, I rushed out and looked, fully expecting it to be all over everything.

Thankfully, it was not! I couldn't believe it! Saved!
Crisis averted! WOW! It is now resting in the kitchen sink, just in case that plastic coated block of solid ice chooses to let go!

Such Fun!!!
Thx, Dan'l
Big plans, Mini budget!!!
Check out my build here: Sophia's Hauler
And on Fakebook, look for us at: @Sophias.Hauler
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highdesertranger (01-02-2018)
This is where low temps are on your side. Even if it had busted, it would still be frozen, and still no mess. Always look on the bright side.
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galladanb (01-03-2018)

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