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Van-Tramp adventures 2017
Hi all. I am starting a new thread for a whole new year of adventures. Enjoy!
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Photogal39Travels (06-11-2017), JannaB (04-18-2017)
Changing our 2017 beginnings

Our original plan to start our 2017 year has been to jump over the Sierras and bring Kerri down into Death Valley for her first time. Unfortunately, the recent cold snap steered us to lower elevations and a safer driving route. It also gave us the opportunity to see a National Park that neither of us have seen; Pinnacles National Park (my 78th National Park)

[Image: IMG_0121-1024x654.jpg]

Pulling into the park campground just before sunset didn’t give us any time to see the attractions on the first day. Instead we sat back and enjoyed our first night back on the road and the beginning of our 2017 travels.

[Image: IMG_0128-1024x768.jpg]

The next morning began slowly, with Kerri getting the opportunity to lay in bed with a mug of coffee and read (no cell coverage) a bit. I played on the computer, cooked a quick breakfast, and eventually we all – dogs included – set out for a short 1 mile walk down a dirt road to the historic homestead in the park. Afterwards, Kerri and I set out on our own to tackle the 2 mile trail up too and through the cave.

[Image: IMG_0123-1024x576.jpg][Image: IMG_0127-1024x768.jpg]
In the end it was a very short visit, seeing only a small portion of the park’s trail system. We hope to return in 2018 to see more.

[Image: IMG_0125-e1482256664973-225x300.jpg] [Image: IMG_0124-225x300.jpg]
Traveling since 2010 - My BlogMy Van
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hey are you two going to make RTR? highdesertranger
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Beautimous, and look forward to following your adventures. Safe travels.
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(12-20-2016, 07:55 PM)highdesertranger Wrote: hey are you two going to make RTR?  highdesertranger

It does not appear so. We are going to blast through AZ (right through Quartsite, but this weekend) and NM so we can get to Bid Bend National Park then New Orleans. We will be missing RTR by a few weeks it seems, but I will be watching you all via forum posts.
Traveling since 2010 - My BlogMy Van
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that's it, you are on double secret probation. highdesertranger
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Preach (12-23-2016)
Between a beach and a train

Over the past two years, Kerri has always spoke so highly of camping at Rincon Parkway in Ventura. I’ve driven past the place a few times and always wondered why anyone would pay to camp there. Not only is it barely out of town, it has a major highway and a busy railway running within feet of the camping. Only an idiot would chose this place to camp, even with the crashing waves of the Pacific right out your front door.

[Image: Photo-Dec-21-4-57-34-PM-1024x577.jpg]

Hey now, I can admit when I am wrong you know. As it turns out, Rincon Parkway is a great place to camp if you do not mind the $28 per night price tag for no hookups and more rules then you could possibly violate in a single week. The ocean is the star of the show, only feet away and thundering 24 hours a day, it can be hard to hear the traffic over it. The trains that pass by only 25 feet away turn out to be near-whisper-quiet (mostly).

[Image: IMG_0460.CR2_-1024x576.jpg][Image: Photo-Dec-22-10-37-51-AM-1-1024x576.jpg]

With the trailer parallel parked just off the roadway, the door opens to the West. This means our awning also opens to the West, away from all the distractions. Under the awning and with a folding chair, a cocktail, and my sweetheart the evening sunsets could hardly get any better (with the exception of Baja sunsets). Through out the day pelicans fly by in pairs, only millimeters off the water, and dolphins are seen multiple times each day as they pass by the campground. Considering we are only a few miles away from one of the nations largest metro areas, there is a lot of nature to be had here.

[Image: Photo-Dec-20-4-58-35-PM-1024x577.jpg][Image: IMG_0466.CR2_-1024x577.jpg]

The biggest down side is that the beach is down a large rock embankment which requires a bit of rock climbing to get too, or a fair walk to get around. Once there, the dogs do seem to be allowed off leash (no signs saying otherwise) which proved to be just what Moose needed after many weeks of being trapped inside. Kerri did bring up how beneficial the embankment is; while running around the beach, and with the street so close, Moose would run up into the roadway if it were not for the barrier blocking him from it. So, there is that if you have a crazy dog like mine.

[Image: IMG_0461.CR2_-1024x577.jpg] [Image: Photo-Dec-20-12-39-52-PM-1024x577.jpg]

This is it through. This weekend we finally get to leave California and start our way to the South East. For those that still want to convert me back to the ways of California, do not worry as we are back in the area in only 10 months to rebuild Big Blue’s interior and set out for an entire year touring just the western states. Spoiler alert – I will never be converted Smile
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mayble (03-20-2017)
(12-20-2016, 11:59 AM)Van-Tramp Wrote: Hi all. I am starting a new thread for a whole new year of adventures. Enjoy!

Saw your travel map for 2017 on your blog, but it didn't have any semi-planned dates on it  Planning on catching the big eclipse come August?

Life is not about discovering yourself.  Life is about creating yourself!

Talk is cheap because of simple economics: The supply FAR exceeds the demand!
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Ya, I have that date marked just in case we are in the proper place to see it [properly]. It may just line up for us
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A New Year in the desert

After leaving Southern California, we made our way all the way to the Phoenix area where we originally planned to stay the work week at Buckeye Regional Park. Instead, we continued on, turning south. Ajo, Arizona was our new destination and we made it just before sunset after a full day of driving. We setup camp and took a few minutes to enjoy the sunset, a meal, and were quickly snoozing the night away.

[Image: Photo-Dec-27-7-04-57-AM-1024x768.jpg]

Unfortunately, Byron (Kerri’s dog, just in case you didn’t know) had been going through something that, even now, we do not understand. The poor old guy was in pain and would not eat or play ball – very unlike Byron. So, Kerri made the decision to relocate closer to a major metro area – Phoenix – so he can go to a vet. By the end of the next work day, we had packed up and moved back up to Buckeye Regional Park (only a few short minutes outside the metro area). Bryon had appointments scheduled for the following days, but in the end the vet did not find anything wrong with Byron who had no lasting effects from the unknown issue.

[Image: Photo-Dec-30-8-13-41-AM-1024x577.jpg]

During our half-week there, Kerri stumbled on a group of friends gathered near the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge not far outside of Quartszite. Well heck, that is only a few hours away, even if it is yet another major backtrack. Let’s go! By the end of the week we relocated to Kofa to spend the new year weekend with friends – some we have not seen since last new years. The size of the gathering was just perfect at only a dozen families or so.

[Image: Photo-Dec-30-5-35-37-PM-1024x767.jpg]
[Image: Photo-Dec-30-3-08-52-PM-1024x577.jpg]

With my back feeling better, Kerri and I drove up the road to take the short 1 mile hike up Palm Canyon. Moose and Byron were able to join us for the adventure. And as we did at Borrego in 2015, New Years eve turned into a potluck dinner where we all gathered together to eat and drink. Stories were shared, drone group-shots were taken, and a lot of laughing took place. Yes, this was definitely the type of meetings that I look forward too on the road.

[Image: Photo-Dec-31-11-41-27-AM-1024x767.jpg]

Kerri and I spent most of the first day of the year indoors. Kerri getting over a bug, and my re-injured back (thanks to a water run the day before) kept us in bed watching Netflix from under the blankets. Feeling good enough after the day of rest, on Jan 2nd, we made our way back through Phoenix with a quick stop at Casa Grande Ruins National Monument (Kerri had never been), then through Tucson, and to the Las Cienegas National Conservation Area which we will call home for the work week.

More embedded images at
Traveling since 2010 - My BlogMy Van
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