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(01-04-2017, 12:38 AM)Gary68 Wrote: they still make sealed glass headlights in newer vehicles?

Yes. The cargo version of Chevy Express vans uses sealed beams. However, there are bulb type headlights available in the same size/dimensions.
Someone wanted me to put this here:
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X2 on SW's recommendation to upgrade wiring, adding solenoids etc.

I did not change bulbs, but have noticeably brighter lights after upgrading to 12 awg wire, new sockets with 12 awg leads, run through solenoids.
The one area I didn't follow in the daniel stern site is to feed from the alternator- I fed from the battery.

My vehicle is a '87....YMMV.
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(01-04-2017, 02:57 AM)MrNoodly Wrote: Chevy Express cargo vans do. The passenger version has different lights (and grill) and uses bulbs.

Yup, i discovered that after doing some research.....too late to edit post, D'oh!
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If your van uses the rear plug-in style, I would definitely suggest the GE Silverstar bulbs. As long as your lights are correctly aimed, you won't blind oncoming traffic with low beams. You will get longer broader cleaner light patterns.
This forum is on probation again.  Bob, turn your PMs on!
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Just an FYI my 2007 Ford E-150 uses sealed beams and I need to get busy and check the voltage at the lamp. I feel mine are not as bright as when new.
Most likely need to upgrade wiring as mentioned by SW.

Mike R
Box Stock 2007 Ford E-150 All Build Pics HERE
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yes upgrading your wiring and adding relays is a great mod. that Daniel Stern site that SternWake link to has excellent information. highdesertranger
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Wow, Thx for the info guys!

Yes, I will pop the hood today and check...
It was interesting that the cargo use a different one than the passenger models! Never knew that!

Again thx for the info.

I have not yet looked at Stern's thread about wire updating,
but I will check that out, and I know I will have major questions later!!!
Thx, Dan'l
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Daniel stern's description for checking voltage drop seems to be complicated.

I probed the h4 connector ground and low/ high beams  when turned on, with my multimeter, and found a significant amount of voltage loss compared to battery voltage. It was nearly 3 volts.

With relays, 12 AWG wire and new h4 12awg connectors, Now it is about 0.35 volts, and light output is easily 30% higher, but that is a subjective opinion.

My sealed beams are 6054s.  Cibie make a replacement where one can install their own bulbs into the reflector/glass housing. These are on my want list, way to the left on the want/need line.

Any new bulb will be brighter than an old bulb.  Comparing a new and old bulb will give obvious improvements, but the beam quality is more important than 'gee wow, look how much harder it is to look into this new light than the old bulb and how much more 'yellow' the old bulb is.

The best h4 bulbs on the market are Phillips extreme +130. The Filaments are smaller and brighter and more precisely located within the bulb.  This allows it to use the reflector as best as possible and will yield the best beam pattern and output.  These +130 bulbs are however not long lasting.  Their long life counterparts are NOT good in the performance department because of sloppier placed and larger filaments.  Less focused, and dimmer.

Proper Headlight aim cannot be understated either.  Many dwelled in vans are sagging their ass end, and their lights are pointed too high, not on the road, and mostly into oncoming driver's eyes.  Such headlamps will appear dim to the driver behind them.

If one does not want to pay the ~80$ each for a Cibie 200mm( replaces 6054 sealed beams) and another $15 for the H4 bulb, then the GE nighthawk sealed beam h6054NH outperforms any other sealed beam in this size format for about 15$ each, and are a huge improvement over Sylvania silverstar or Wagner or any other sealed beam manufactured in this size format.

Hella And Autopal make sealed beam replacements in this 6054 size format.  Supposedly the hellas, when the low beam is adjusted correctly the high beam is in the treetops. 
 The Autopal is simply Indian made junk with plastic lenses and a horrible beam pattern.  Avoid with prejudice and contempt. 
The Hella is about half the price of the Cibie and the low beam is reported to be of good pattern, it is just the high beams are then aimed too high when the lows are adjusted correctly.

There are a thousand other plastic lenses in the 6054 size format, and they are all junk.  Either spend for the Cibies or  Trucklite LED or JWspeaker LED, or get the GE nighthawk sealed beams.

Trucklite LED's are rebranded by GE and Phillips, but the JW speaker outperform those,  but either of these two dedicated LED brand$ will outperform the Cibie's with a quality bulb. And the Cibies with any halogen h4 bulb are head and shoulders above any sealed beam, but with a phillips extreme h4 bulb are better than 90% of car headlights out there today.

Sylvania got called on their BS marketing Lies and had to pay out 30 million$ to customers who jumped in on the class action lawsuit.

Avoid the blue glass whiter light BS.  Blue glass reduces light output, which requires the filament be overdriven to meet the minimum lumen specs.  overdriven bulbs fail earlier.  Whiter light also does not help one see better.  it just looks more modern and makes the human think it is brighter.  It is not brighter, it does not assist the human eyeball see any better.  in fact white light has more glare and makes it harder to see when the road is wet.

If you spend for the trucklite/JWspeaker LEDS, then no wiring upgrade needed as these are not affected by low voltage.

DO not try and use any of the Illegal but widely offered LED bulbs in a halogen reflector, or HID bulbs for that matter. that is like wearing somebody elses glasses and expecting to be able to see better.

Also humans have no well how well they can actually see something.  lots of foreground light, from 'fog lights' is warm and fuzzies light.  But it actually causes the human pupil to constrict, letting in less light causing worse vision, but the universal opinion by every single driver is that with fog lights, one can see better.  Perhaps some of the side of the road is marked better, but at highway speeds, an obstacle in the highway, in the path of the vehicle, will be seen significantly later than if the fog lights were not on and constricting pupil size.

Actual testing with precision testing equipment will prove this time and again, and time and again the human eye and brain combo with voice box, will disagree loudly and repeatedly with actual hard data which contradicts their subjective opinion.

Those people who drive all the time with their fog lights on, are deluded, and especially at highway speeds, as it makes it harder to see obstacles at the limit of the low beam's reach.

The aftermarket lighting in the USA is out of control, with excessive glare and 'look at me' type of bull shit.

Excessive glare to other drivers and adequate light for seeing are always at odds.  There is a balance act here and most vehicles are pretty poor in this department.  It gets worse when the vehicle owner starts thinking they can buy and do whatever they want as if headlights are simply forward aiming flood lights.

But the owner can make sure this halogen bulbs are aimed correctly and getting good voltage, and there are a few actual upgrades depending on what the vehicle takes.  But so much out there is Junk and illegal, even though it should not be available and there is little risk of a LEO calling one on their illegal headlight causing excessive glare to other drivers.

Those who blind me with their aftermarket or modified lighting, well My high beams are weapons too, and we can both see spots before our eyes.  Childish I know, but if the driver's behind these low beam glare machines are constantly being flashed, perhaps they will realize how obnoxious they are being and remove the offending parts. Fat chance they will ever realize their purchase was an unsafe downgrade though.
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The following 2 users say Thank You to SternWake for this post:
galladanb (01-05-2017), highdesertranger (01-04-2017)
Ok, so... I'm pretty sure I have the sealed beam units.
Sorry I did not take them out yet to confirm yet, but it's cold... Lol!
I did look at them from the outside, and there is a four screw bezel and two star adjusters.

Stern makes a good point, in that the chassis level or not may be the reason as to why it was not noticed before. When I got the van it had a lotttttt of crap, shelves, drawers, and bottle holders back there. The lights may have been adjusted accordingly.

When I removed all of that weight, the rear end actually is MUCH higher, about 6- 10 inches.
That may be why the lights seem dimmer.

However, because I do not know the history of the ones in there, I may go ahead and replace them. That way, I will know the history!

And thanks for the tip on what to buy! That is EXACTLY what I needed!
Thx, Dan'l
Big plans, Mini budget!!!
Check out my build here: Sophia's Hauler
And on Fakebook, look for us at: @Sophias.Hauler
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Do you know how to adjust your headlights, it's really pretty simple
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