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The mobile mentality
Since I moved out of home at 18, with $70 in my pocket and bag of clothes and moved to another country where I barely knew a soul my life has been mostly nomadic from the beginning. I never settled in one place for very long for the first four years, and I didn't even have a vehicle at the time. After I had a truck I had a little more stuff but I still moved every six months for different seasonal jobs. I had never been tethered to a place or a job untilmy parents bought the house I currently live in. I still had the itch, but a free place to live in a beautiful state was hard to say no to. I did disappear every summer for a long road-trip, lots of mountain camping and horse-riding/backpacking and trips to Europe.

What I'm saying with thi, very inarticulately, is that I think most people who have had a "normal" life are going to find it harder to step back from what they know and what is secure because that is human nature. Even though I have lived a pretty nomadic life for most of my adult years, just being in one place for a couple of years has made me complacent about the security a house and job brings...but it also irks me that I have any feelings like that. I don't want to stay AT ALL, but I do love it here.
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Ganchan:  I was looking around, and there aren't a large number of free campsites within easy reach of Austin.  Here are the ones I found.

Owl Creek Park at Belton Lake, 10 miles from Temple:  FREE for up to 14 days.  Picnic tables, rest rooms.!2939&query=sitedetails

Iron Bridge at Belton Lake, 14 miles from Moody, TX:  FREE for up to 14 days.  Picnic tables, rest rooms.!2951&query=sitedetails

Cedar Point Campground, about 2 miles from Tow,TX:  FREE.  You may stay 5 nights in a row, or 10 nights out of 30.  Picnic tables, vault toilet, no potable water.!8084&query=sitedetails

Camp Creek Camp Creek Recreation Area (56 miles NW of Austin):  FREE.  You may stay 5 nights in a row, or 10 nights out of 30.  One vault toilet, no potable water.   &!8087&query=sitedetails

Scenic Overlook, West Point TX (44 miles SE  from Austin) may be good for only one night:!99079&query=sitedetails
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(01-19-2017, 09:28 PM)bardo Wrote: I realize your statement is about psychology, but just FYI, camp shower kits are cheap, take up little room, and work great.

Any ideas to showering inside Van? Catching excess water other than a holding tank underneath Van.
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(01-19-2017, 11:50 PM)DannyB1954 Wrote: My solar shower: Take a 2 gallon weed sprayer, spray paint it black with plastic paint. Cut off the spray valve and splice on a sprayer made for rinsing off dishes at the kitchen sink. Fill the sprayer with water and set it in the sun, maybe even the top of your roof. Cover the sprayer with clear plastic, (the sun will want to warm the jug, and the wind will want to cool it. The clear plastic over the sprayer will act as a greenhouse). Shower before the sun goes down.

This set up is awesome.  Been using it since I started my vandwelling life 9 months ago, on January 1, 2017.
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