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Sewing Machine Recommendations
Gosh those featherweight 221's are going for a lot of money, at least in Atlanta...
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That reminds me SASSYPICKiNS offered me a sewing lesson i never collected where is she anyhoo, i have a singer featherweight in the box BTW that missed lesson was my fault she was ready I was not thanks girl
Truck Camper in San Francisco
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Probably sexist to ask a woman to help me so I WILL NOT ASK 2018 R T R ?
Truck Camper in San Francisco
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(08-15-2017, 12:41 PM)sometimesido Wrote: Gosh those featherweight 221's are going for a lot of money, at least in Atlanta...

Featherweights are not cheap, but if one wants a top quality, brilliantly engineered, portable machine with over 80 years of proven dependability--that's what you want if you can manage it.  Since I received mine in 1956, it has never malfunctioned or given the least trouble.  I still have my original owners manual, but these are available online for download. 

For anyone *certain* to require/desire a small, dependable work horse machine your best bet, unless you get lucky at thrift store, etc, is EBAY.  Before you buy, go online & learn about Featherweights.  This will save you $$$.  And you will know what to buy.  The carry case is *good* to have for travel.  Some are sold without, some with.  You will also require a half dozen bobbins.  They can be bought on ebay separately, if needed.  Featherweights use normal, easily available Singer sewing machine needles.

Many other options are available, including rufflers, pleaters, button hole attachments, etc.  After all these decades, I have all of these but find I really don't need them.  My machine still has the original rubber drive belt it came with--& has never needed anything but an infrequent tension adjustment.  Your owners' manual explains *exactly* how to easily perform any required adjustments.  Otherwise, just Sew & Go!  Featherweights are mighty midgets.

Prices on Ebay vary a great deal, depending on cosmetic condition (even a small scratch reduces value to collectors) but you don't care about that!  You will pay more if it includes carry case &/or extra bobbins, etc.

I'm glad to answer any questions anyone may have. 
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sometimesido (08-15-2017), FinallyFree (08-15-2017)
how heavy of material can it sew? most of my sewing is heavy weight material. highdesertranger
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I've got a featherweight 221...............

I've been sewing "pockets" on the ends of Harbor Freight tarps to create the awning for the problem 'cept for "material handling"

I also stitched some heavyweight boat tarp into some camp bags..........that's not quite two layers of heavy canvas

JewellAnn is getting a workhorse machine delivered soon ........................................doug
Heading out on the road......Soon......Fulltime in a Ford Transit High Roof
Camper Conversion by me......See Ya'll out there on the road.......Two Cats and a Doug
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(08-15-2017, 03:55 PM)highdesertranger Wrote: how heavy of material can it sew?  most of my sewing is heavy weight material. 

Abnorm has offered some indications, but here are a few others from my own past projects:  I've successfully sewn thru two layers of dacron sail fabric, a double layer of garment weight (actual) suede, two layers of med weight upholstery leather, two layers of heavy weight cotton brocade upholstery fabric with a heavy cotton piping in the seam, a triple layer of heavy cotton denim, etc etc. 

You must learn first to adjust your stitch length & tension to the fabric(s) AND have the correct weight thread AND needle size.  Anyone beginning to sew would not want to start learning on anything but light weight scraps--even paper towels work.  Once, using the pleating attachment, I sewed up hundreds of yards of crepe paper for a huge pinata for a birthday party!

These Featherweights have a deserved cult following, thus you will find many good internet websites with all sorts of additional information. 

[Image: smile.gif]Charlotte
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