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94 F150 with I-6 as tow vehicle?
I have an opportunity to get a 94 F 150 as a tow vehicle for my Travel Trailer, which weighs in around 4k fully loaded. It's a 300 I-6, automatic, single cab, long bed
My thoughts
The 6 with auto gives a tow rating of 4700, compared to the Ranger's 4000, with the possibility to up the gears to 3.55 for a rating of 5700

While that doesn't seem like much improvement, most folks I know who speak Ford swear the 300 is very under rated by Ford

I've always found inline 6 engines easier to work on than V8s (but again I have very little experience with Fords

If necessary I could gear it down even more, but economy while not towing would suffer

generally I like 2x the needed tow capacity I need, but that's mostly something I came up with listening to others, not through experience

The truck has been sitting for a year, but ran well when parked (this isn't BS, I know the owner, and he quit driving it once he got access to a Prius)
I expect with a decent battery it'll light right off and run no problem (the battery did die)

It does not have a tow package, or receiver hitch, so there's that work to do if nothing else

No pics yet, we just discussed this at my place of employment tonight (even on vaycay, I can't stay out of the place lol)

I welcome thoughts / perspectives from others, and especially if there's anything I need to be wary of on this year model F 150
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It wont be a speed demon, but the 300 ci Ford engine is a real workhorse.....Good torque at low RPMs. A V8 would likely get as good or better mileage towing though.
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I'm not married to the idea of an I6, this just popped up, and i know I can get it for $1000. With a V8, i'd have that 8000lb tow rating to make 2x what I need, but the 300 has such a good reputation, I thought it might be adequate, where the Ranger I don't think will be, base on when I towed the other travel trailer with it
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never met an american i6 i didnt like,the auto is the problem,with a stick it would be great
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This world isn't home (11-12-2017)
Pretty much the same I've been told about the Ranger lol
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I do love inline 6's, nothing seems to kill them. I've got no experience towing with one though so can't offer much advice on that one. I would tend to agree a manual would tow better than the automatic based on my experience with the ranger auto/manual towing experiment I did some years back. I like the double the tow capacity rule of thumb. However, even though it still won't be double I do think the heavier F150 would be an improvement over the lighter ranger.
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This world isn't home (11-12-2017)
yeah, I think the Ranger's curb weight stock is 3500 or so, the F 150 4090 or thereabouts
I know the brakes and such will handle it, because the same truck with a 5.8 will tow I think 7600 (sounds low, a 1/2 ton Chevy with 350 will tow 8000. come to think of it, a frigging Astro with a 4.3 will pull 6000 maybe Ford is more conservative with tow ratings) I might want to look at power curves for the 4.9 vs the 3.0. I know the ranger is geared lower (and it's still not fast lol)
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Holey crap! ranger 3.0 147hp @ 5000 RPM (1996 - 1997) 162 @ 3250 RPM (1996 - 1997)

F150 4.9 150ho @3400 / 260 lb/ ft @ 2000 94-96

5.8l V8 210hp @3600 330 ft /lb @ 3300

Almost 100 ft lb more than the 3.0, less than 100 ft lb less than the 5.8
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This world isn't home (11-12-2017)
(01-26-2017, 08:44 PM)Every Road Leads Home Wrote: However, even though it still won't be double I do think the heavier F150 would be an improvement over the lighter ranger.

Agree.  There is a general rule-of-thumb that the longer the wheelbase of the tow vehicle, the better it tows.  It tends to track straighter, and tongue weight has less of a "lifting" effect on the front wheels, thanks to the leverage provided by the longer length.

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This world isn't home (11-12-2017)
All three of the Ford trucks I've owned that were Inline 6s also had long beds.   The '69 with auto made numerous trips to SD from TX fully loaded and pulling a loaded flatbed.  The '73, 3 on the tree was often loaded with gear for hunting/camping and pulled a bass boat .It also traveled the TX to SD route. The '95 had an ext cab & auto tranny.  The loads on the truck or trailers were never weighed, just loaded with what was needed and away we went!  The '69 was the one that I spun out with on black ice in Ike Tx then it stood on right front wheel and fell over onto the passenger side that = $47 for the tow and only  cracked the west coast side mirror.  They were tuff rigs and except for the roll over after leaving a elevated roadway that totaled the '73 [I wasn't driving that 1]   Tongue  they survived what ever my family could throw at them.   

They are 3F.......Ford and Friend Family Tuff

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