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94 F150 with I-6 as tow vehicle?
I had a 76 GMC 3/4T with a 292 and 4 speed, ex power company truck, the 292 is a truck engine just like the 300 was. That truck had 4 something rear gears, wrapped up too high at 60 and got 13 mpg but it could pull a house off its foundation.

I'd say your better off with a 351 or a TBI 350 from the early-mid 90's, in a 3/4 T longbed. Never hurts to have more truck (brakes, frame, power) than you need...
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A good friend of mine had a 94 regular cab long bed 2wheel drive with the I-6 auto tranny The motor was solid but it got horrible gas millage not towing anything 11 on a good day if you tow with that you would be lucky to get 8mpg no way would I buy one of those to be my daily driver or tow truck. It would be a good second vehicle if you only needed a truck very rarely but not for every day.
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I've never understood how they come up with tow ratings, I'd rather go with a gut feeling. My 2009 Honda Ridgeline had a tow rating of 5,000 lb, but even with a 2,500 lb trailer it wasn't very much fun, not to mention overheating the transmission. Towing at the limit would have been terrifying.

My Transit 250 has essentially the same rating, but with more torque, a much longer wheelbase, better brakes, heavy duty rear leafs, and an extra ton of weight it towed the same 2,500 lb trailer with ease and felt much safer. I wouldn't hesitate to pull the full 5,300 lbs.
2015 Ford Transit 250 cargo van, long wheelbase, medium roof...conversion coming
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KMAG it confuses all billy hell out f me too, My Ranger is rated at 4K, so I'd be topped out pulling my TT, which weighs 3163 dry
I know towing my old TT, at 3150, the truck was under powered pulling up even mild grades, so I want, I think, a full size 1/2 or 3/4 ton with a V8 at this point
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tow ratings are more than a number. A example is my Expedition is rated to tow 9000 lbs but it will not pull a 9000 lb travel trailer. There is a difference between pulling a flat bed or boat and pulling a giant wall down the highway. Another thing that can be a limitation is tongue weight and rear axle rating. In my case the Expedition has a tongue weight limit that restricts me to a 7000 lb total in a travel trailer since I need a certain amount on the tongue to keep it from swaying.
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TBH I've about given up on the idea of pulling this thing, it's a fucking white elephant as far as I'm concerned and I'm sorry I ever fucking bought it
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Art, have you looked for a used Chevy or GMC with the 4.8 V/8? I got 20MPG on the way to Ca. and 13 towing the trailer home. Mine's an automatic, I just ran about 65 (when I wasn't doing doughnuts on I-10). Mine's a 2001 and I paid 2900 for it.

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I was really glad to get rid of my older 18' camper trailer as even my full size truck was slow on hills, but now I have built a light weight 11' trailer I pull with my 4 x 4 Toyota I really like it. I think a van is ideal for one person but since my wife likes her own space we would need two.
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Gunny I'm looking at anything I can reasonably purchase, latest is a 93 1500 with 5.7
Tow cap on that, with 3.42 ring gears, would be 7500, but it's got 3.08 gears, so I'm guessing more like 6500-6800
KBB says it's worth 1200 or so, seller is asking 1800, I haven't driven it or anything yet, as my finance guy has been busy all day

I'm just sick of the whole mess, wish I'd got a Runaway or a cargo to convert instead
I don't know why I'm worried about it, I'm not going anywhere for another 10 years at least, by that time the trailer will likely be junk
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Art my friend, you need a break. Come on up to Ft Worth, have a steak and a brew and relax. Tonight at midnight the Eagle flies so I can buy the steak.

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