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94 F150 with I-6 as tow vehicle?
Hahaha Thanks Rob, this is actually an old thread that was revived
If I'm honest, I'd need a truck and a genny to make this setup work for off grid, sleeping in a regular bed in Texas with no AC in the summer would never work as it would be too hot
I did have a line on a 1 ton 2000 GMC, but it had the 5.7 and I was afraid it'd get 10 mpg, loaded or not, plus the thing was 'kicking' in high gear at 50 - 55 mph, probably the TCC solenoid was bad, plus it was leaking at the oil pan, so I backed out

Bullfrog, I really do wish I'd just got a cargo with some windows, etc, and built it myself, I'd have a much more durable trailer, and a floor plan i picked, instead of 'what I found i could get'
And a lot lighter trailer
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I am by no means a Ford fan. I can say however that the 300 I6 is one hell of a engine. Unless you are looking to tow something a 3/4 ton should pull I would not hesitate buying it. My father in law had a 2wd 1985 f150 with a 300 and a 4 speed (granny gear 1st). Him and his 2 sons drove it from michigan to wyoming with a medium truck camper and towing a 6x12 cargo trailer. The only problem they had was burning up the outer axel bearings from vastly overloading the truck.
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My 2 cents.  Had a 1994 Ranger V6 5 speed that was pretty gutless. The hp and torque numbers from page 1 of this thread tell the tale.

Also had a 1992 GMC 292 V6 straight with a 4 speed and 4.56 gears.  Ex railroad service truck. Heaviest 3/4 T made (8800 gvw or so). Rode like a wood wagon, guzzled fuel, about blowing up sounding at 60 mph. Don’t recommend that to highway tow with.

I’d look for a vortec or TBI era 350/5.7 with 3.73 or a 4.11 rear gears in a straight cab longbed. Even auto is ok. None of those got very good gas mileage, 10-12 city, maybe 14 highway, less when towing.
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