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Modern Day Walden
Do you know what I remember most from Travels w/Charlie? In the beginning when he was getting ready to leave home, there was a young boy that was hanging around, wishing that he could go. I felt the same way (I was in my teens at the time).

I think that book and Gasoline Gypsy, about a young English woman and her dog ignited the wanderlust in me.
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And Then Came Bronson on TV didn't help...
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sushidog (01-05-2018)
I think some of people in the permaculture movement would qualify and share many of Thoreau's views. Some examples would be Joel Salatin, Sepp Holzer and Geof Lawton who are both published and well documented.
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The book that influenced me the most to break out of the normal and pursue adventure was "The Voyage of the Northern Magic" by Diane Stuemer.

It put the seed in me that my life could be something different from what the majority of our society deems as required. Degree, job, house, 401k, "success."


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The closest I got to reading something that fits is Zen and Motorcycle Maintenance.
I read a bit of Karoak but wasn't ready to commit.
Cormac McCarthy writes great novels. The Road - post apocalyptical. All the pretty horses - a romance from texas through mexico. All the pretty horses is part of a trilogy.

Otherwise and a bit off the original topic I like some of the following. Of the eastern persuasion, I've always loved Siddhartha by Herman Hess. Buddha was quite the traveler metaphysically and otherwise. Bodhidharma? The book is of sermons. I like to read it when I feel out of sorts. It's some of the sermon that is attributed to the guy that brought Buddhism from India to china - then it traveled to Korea and japan. I also like Rummi the Sufi poet. You guys who enjoy the desert would probably enjoy the poetry of Rummi.

I may read some of the books you have listed. I like this thread.
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I recommend Thoreau's essay "Walking". Don't hear it mentioned very often but its a great read.
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