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How I Became a Vagabond
It wasn't really a choice at first, at least I didn't really consciously intend for it to happen; really didn't even know it was happening. I just wanted to explore stuff and because I was just damn curious about everything I encountered; becoming a vagabond i suppose was really the only end result............

It started along long time ago when I was about 9 or 10 I guess. That was when as I recollect, I gave up on ever being part of any kind of 'family'; when I decided that if no parents were ever going to care about me, that I would give a damn about myself and just go 'Live Life'; yeah, I was about 9 or 10 when I knew that no one else's words would ever be able to chain me.

I grew up in foster homes and was never adopted, while always aware of my parents, the one was unable to care for me and the other chose not to. Today, I'm living proof that parents are totally overrated - its probably the only thing that I agree with Rousseau about. haha. I started running away when I was , as I wrote, about 9 or 10. It wasn't because the foster places were bad perse', it was just they were to damn boring, to confining, to rigid, to structured and there was nothing about them that spoke anything to my mind or heart about what ever was out there in that World, the stars, the Earth - The Curiosity I had about Life!  

So off & away I went not realizing at such a young age that I was becoming what I am - a Vagabond. I went to the beach, the water, the sky & horizon all of it and I was solitarily enjoying all of it BUT It wasn't too long tho and I experienced my first encounter with the police. lol I ran like hell too because they looked so huge to me - with the uniforms and shiny leather with guns & cuffs and all that other stuff they were going to use to tie me up! haha - yeah I ran like hell all 10 years old scared shitless of me. I ran thru mud puddles and around trees everything so they wouldn't get me and I can still see them chuckling, laughing at this little 10 year old thinking that I was going to get away. 

I gave a good effort too but back I went. This pattern repeated itself many times over the years. 'He's gone again'. 
"We'll keep an eye out for him when we're patrolling the beaches."; the police probably responded. I always went to the beach. Loved it there; and yes they always found me, captured me again and back too the 'pound' I went like the stray dog I was becoming; was turning into. 

By the time I was 14, tho, I had it down. Practice makes perfect and they didn't catch me all summer. Lived under picnic tables, bridges, college kid beach apartments, etc. Anywhere & everywhere I could be free and just experience and discover Life. Till summer was over and it was time to return to school......... Part 1; need a break and then I will continue with Part 2

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Yes, School. You probably think a Vagabond would hate school but I loved learning, Science Astronomy, Math, History, Earth Science I loved all of it and read all I could. In high school when i skipped classes there were times I went to the library where I could read books that were actually interesting instead of the rote clerical oriented 'education' of the school systems.

(This was before the internet too; gawd today I never would go back. The internet is the best to search study discover stuff all over the World NOW! - No I would be gone! haha)

Eventually I made it out of High school and at 18 I enlisted in the military where I served for years as Special Forces Combat Medic Rescue & Intelligence Specialist: been thru 2 wars, 23 countries, 4 continents; in a variety of settings scenes & cultures having seen and or experienced both the best & the worst of Humanity. Been blown out of the sky in 2 helicopters, shot twice, stabbed once and damn near blown to bits by a hand grenade.

I spent 2 and a half years in war zones where I served with several differing indigenous tribes. As a Medic I was the closest thing to a Dr and I treated them for sickness & disease, inoculated them, aided their women in birth, treated them for burns, gunshot & shrapnel wounds. I ate with them, slept with them, fought with them and some of them died for me.........
Eventually, I was given the great honor to be adopted into their Tribe; to be as one of them. Today it remains as one of the truly happiest days of my life. I felt that I had a family, that I was exactly where I belonged, doing exactly what I should be doing and I could have stayed with them forever..........

Eventually, tho, I was ordered back to the States and was bluntly told that I had gone Native; that I looked bad and was reminded that I was a professional soldier in the employ of the United States of America and the Taxpayers thereof and that I should take a look at where my duties & responsibilities lie. When we pulled out the enemy moved in; overran the villages, tribes & peoples I had become a part of. Everyone back here in The States was living The Good Life - I was devastated - they had become much more to me than a Duty Station and I had grown to love them.

Now these events that are so ghastly to most Americans who have never known Combat, have for me been a great Gift:
War taught me more about Life than it ever did Death, it taught me more about courage & sacrifice than it ever did selfishness & cowardice; it taught me more about kindness than it ever did meanness and taught me way way more about Love than it ever did Hate. For a brash, very very tough young man these were lessons not learned easily nor without great discomfort but they are for me today an experience for which I am profoundly grateful.

Eventually I moved on built a great life and I owe most of it, maybe all of it, to a Tribe of Little People in a far off surreal land a long long time ago who taught me what it means to be a Human Being.  

I need another break and then Part 3.................INTJohn
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Very moving! I think you may have a book inside you waiting to be written.
Currently reading ->

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Vagabound (03-24-2017), INTJohn (02-18-2017)
Yes, I moved on – finished my education – my degrees are in Mathematics and Geodetic Engineering - though I will always be a Philosopher; obtained my licensure as a Land Surveyor/Geodetic Engineer; built a business and built a life – all of it from scratch and by design envisioned from my teenage years. Today I think it’s a very good one and I don’t know anyone on a personal level whose overall quality of life I would consider better than my own: Educationally, Professionally, Materialistically, Financially, Health – emotional, mental, physical; Life’s achievements, world travels and experiences – all of it.

Was married once; been divorced for almost 20 years. Had an amicable and benevolent divorce –not a “war” that so many seem to have as my x and I are both emotionally mature/stable persons. We made a good team in a functionally utilitarian way, but we grew apart intellectually, philosophically and intimately. While I don’t have very much contact with her anymore, I consider her a friend and I suppose we are more like a brother and sister today in that regard.  

We have a daughter; who is a phenomenal young woman in her own right. She has her degrees in Molecular Biology/Genetics as well as Philosophy and she has just finished medical school and will begin her Residency as an Oncologist soon in. She speex 3 languages and while in high school was an exchange student to both Germany and Peru. She is also an internationally award winning artist having had some of her paintings and water colors on display here in the States as well as Toronto & Montreal.

Professionally, As a Land Surveyor/Geodetic Engineer, I survey predominately larger acreage wilderness tracts, recreational properties & hunting club lands; generally in remote areas. I have no staff- perform all the work myself - its hard, tough, very physically demanding & mentally challenging work that keeps me in tip top physical shape as well as far from “civilization”. In my life I’ve seen little that is civilized about it. Also, I never wanted to be one of the “worker bees/ants” that comprise most of the urban/suburban based American “Rat Race” Society and I accomplished that goal.  

My office is in my home. I have a great core clientele and up until the latest economic slide was able to pick and choose my jobs. April thru June is my busiest time of year; July & August slows down and then I revert back to that teenage runaway as a Lake Michigan 'beach bum';

The Fall is my second busiest time of year and by Thanxgiving Day I get out of Michigan - someplace warm & sunny not too far from a Beach; I return to Mish 1st of April then I gear up for the spring rush and the cycle repeats itself. My year - inna nutshell. Also, while I enjoy my profession, it hardly defines me. It is simply a very complementary way to provide the financial support to enjoy my Natural Pantheistic philosophical lifestyle.

For 25 years I lived on 40 wooded acres of land about 45 miles Northwest of Grand Rapids, Michigan and about 15 miles from Lake Michigan on the edge of the Manistee National Forest. My house was a modest but nice Cape Cod style – built it myself - on a hill that bisects and runs the entire length of the property with a 25 foot wide creek way in the back. 

I wake to no alarm, punch no clock – times, dates, appointments, calendars are all but meaningless to me – no car horns, truck engines or sirens- just the wildlife around me and the glimpse of their lives they inadvertently share with me. It is my Thoreauvian & Natural Pantheistic piece of heaven.

A very brief overview of my vagabond life and lifestyle.........

Time for more coffee & then Part 4..................INTJohn
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free2enjoy (12-30-2017), Jahmai (05-28-2017), Vagabound (03-24-2017), Wabbit (02-27-2017), AntiGroundhogDay (02-18-2017)
Yeah; Life & Lifestyle. So a few years back I decided it was time to just get rid of all the materialistic crap that the decadent American Culture drives everyone to accumulate:
House, land, sportscars, boats you name it I owned it.

Sold it all or gave it away & kept the basics & my suburban as I need a work truck: My Life & Lifestyle. Beach, Wilderness, Forest, Desert, Mountains. I have remained faithful to the Earth.

I now live in my Shockwave Toyhauler - I don't have any 'toys' to haul I just like the roominess & toughness of the rig; and I bought a new pik up to tow it. Store the now 20 year old 'Burb' during winter at a friend's place in Michigan.

My 'Loop of Life' starts at the Lake Michigan Beach;
then I travel to Wilmington NC area and hang a little at Wrightsville Beach;
then its the Florida Panhandle around Destin/ PCB area;
then its on to Magnolia Beach - near Port Lavaca, TX;
then the SE Ca desert Holtville BLM LTVA where I enjoy most of the winter heading either to San Diego Beaches (mostly Ocean Beach); Mexico; or North To Salton Sea - the Salton Sea & Me ROX!! and I love Bombay Beach......... I'll head back to Mish in about a month. So much for 'Logistics' haha

But Life is more than simple Logistics - isn't it? Every choice human being, rather strives for some citadel of Secrecy where they may be saved from The Crowd, The Many, The Great Majority; The Mass, The Herd, where I can forget people who are The Rule because I have become; because I am The Exception.

Anyone who must deal with Humanity that doesn't sometimes reflect a rainbow color of distress, green & gray with disgust, satiety, sympathy, gloominess & even loneliness, is certainly not a Person of an elevated taste; wondering maybe why at times he doesn't take all of this burden & disgust upon himself voluntarily; but that he continually strives to avoid it; and thus he remains quietly & proudly within His Citadel?

One thing is for sure; such a man was never predestined for Knowledge. If he were he would belive in The Devil to remove any Good Taste thinking that Humanity as The Rule would somehow be more interesting than The Exception - myself!; an exception - and I would need to; as I do need to go down into my own head & heart; above all else I must go 'inside'.

To smell the aroma of Humanity, then, is characterized by the stench of which I am able to percieve their 'entrails' - a physiological odor. This sensitivity gives me my psychological antennae with which I am able to perceive a persons every secret and the Dirt that lies at the bottom of most of Humanity. If my observation hasn't lead in error such persons offend my very sense of cleanliness and if they are able to also sense the reserve of my disgust  - well it certainly doesn't make them smell any better to me at all.........

My humanity has become a continual overcoming of the species of which I'm apart - But I need Solitude!; a respite, a recovery, a return to myself, to breath a fresh air - a light, playful and above all else Free fresh air. This Solitude is more than just my friend it is my essence: I've never suffered from Solitude; I've only suffered from Multitudes! 

Thus I repeat - I need Solitude! a recovery from The Masses of Humanity.

uhhh...more coffee and then Part 5...............INTJohn
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Vagabound (03-24-2017), Wabbit (02-27-2017)
At this point it may be best to put a hold on anymore verbage and let 1 picture tell a thousand words:

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Vagabound (03-24-2017)
I used to live in South Haven, Mi and I know the felling of "the lake".

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INTJohn (02-18-2017)
Yeah; the Masses of Humanity - seeing as before long Humanity must confront itself with the most difficult demand ever made of it, it seems expedient to say 'who I really am'. Really if you've made it this far thru my long & windy diatribe you should already know it as I've not left myself at al 'without testimony'. HAH!

At this point the answer to "How I Became A Vagabond" can no longer be avoided; but first just so we're all on the same page; a definition:

Vagabond -
noun; a person who wanders  from place to place having no home or job.
adj. ;  having no settled home

It should be obvious then , at least in my case, 'Vagabond' has never been a process of development but rather a State of Existence. I never 'became' one; I was born one. Yes I was born a Vagabond. I didn't become one.

Hence, Rather, I had to discover that I was one by deconstructing all of the bullshit that American Culture & Society - all of Western Civilization - had spent years brainwashing, poisoning my mind with to their warped if not psychologically diseased philosophies........

As Tolkien wrote - 'All who wander are not Lost'

Vagabond - having 'no job'. Lets talk about this aspect of who the Vagabond is along with those who praise the Virtues of Work. Here in Western Civilization of course this is traced back to the Apostles Paul's ridiculous if not asinine 'Christian Work Ethic': "If a man doesn't Work, neither should he eat."
Behind this glorification of 'work'; having 'a job' then; along with the tireless talk of 'the blessings of work' I find the same thought process behind the praise of impersonal activity for the public benefit: the fear of everything Individual.

At the bottom then here is a Culture that one now feels when confronted with work - which basically means a relentless industry from early till late 5 days a week; measured times & numerically calendered events - that such work is actually the best form of Police, that it keeps everybody in harness like indentured servants, domesticated animals, beasts of burden......

........and powerfully obstructs the individuals capacity of Reason, of covetousness, of the desire for Independence as a Chosen Lifestyle. For it uses up all of the tremendous energy needed for reflection, brooding, meditating,dreaming, love, a capacity for concern. It sets before itself (work) small goals of hedonistic drama and permits these empty mindless seeking sensations.

In such a way members of American Society continually 'work hard' and who do this will have 'security'; and this 'financial security' is now the Supreme American Goddess. But then here comes The Vagabond - horror of Horrors!! Dangerous persons who think and live for themselves.

The Vagabond then is the danger of all dangers in America: The Individual.

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Vagabound (03-24-2017), Wabbit (02-27-2017)
"Mama always said life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get."
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Yeah, the Individual as Vagabond.
If one has discovered their own Why of Life, I think, then they can get along with almost any How; as long as one doesn't fall into the trap of striving for 'Happiness' as is so common here in American Culture.

Independence then is for the very few; a privilege of the strong. Whoever attempts it even with the best of intentions but without an inner constraint proves they are probably not only strong  but perhaps even recklessly daring.
The independent Vagabond enters into a maze, a labyrinth and multiplies a thousand times the dangers which life brings with it; not the least of which is that no one will be able to see or to help when the Vagabond loses his way, becomes lonely, perhaps even torn apart by some demon of conscience. Imagine someone living like this, that they should experience some grief; this will happen so far from the comprehension of others that they will neither feel it, see it , or sympathize. And the Vagabond will never be able to go back - cannot go back any longer. Nor will he be able to see past the walls of the maze with which he's chosen to live.

Aristotle wrote; "For a man to live alone in the wilderness, apart from civilization; such a man must be either a Beast or a God".
Nietzsche countered that Aristotle failed to see a third possibility: " That such a man could be both!
Yes, Both - I look upon my future then as a positive event as I would upon calm seas and there is not the least of desire. I don't care that anything should become different and I myself don't want to be different. Even when young I never strove for any supposed goal of American 'Happiness':
The healthy Vagabond then is easily known by the fact of his avoidance of several grand, loud & glittering things: fame, prestige, politicians, honors, money & women. Tho thats not to say that all of those things do not come to him.

He hides himself from any bright light and shuns his era, his culture - the way of life that society tries to force upon him.  He endures some dependence as one must the darkness after sunset and he always lives his life embracing his unprotected isolation like an abandoned forest that only bad weather vents itself upon.........
His instinct that grows within him directs him toward situations in which he is releived of the necessity of thinking only of himself. Ultimately he requires little with which to live and he embraces a motto of "He who possesses is possessed"; and he takes pride in his contentment & simplicity. He becomes concerned with but one thing alone and he expends all of his energy, time, love, interest all for that one simple thing.

This kind of man does not like to be disturbed with enmity, drama, strife or emotional turmoil, nor friendship; he easily forgets and will always think it in bad taste to suffer contemptuousness for Humanity. When he does speak aloud he'll use big words sparingly or maybe simply give a nod of the head.

He must learn to overcome his time with himself, to become 'timeless' and then he will find an easiness of living not only with time but also Truth................INTJohn
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