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How I Became a Vagabond

.......and now I've finally reached the conclusion of the first leg of this journey. It is to show the relevance and importance of God irrespective of ancient religious philosophies in terms of the Human Condition:

"God as an Imaginary Number: an Engineered Reality or to be dismissed for lack of evidence?"

Intro: Define i; (As you read; Think 'i' as synonymous with "god"). i = square root of -1 see pik above. It essential you understand the meaning of 'i' as mathematically an imaginary number. If the picture and short dialogue above is not helpful you might want to google 'imaginary number' to getr a more in depth understanding otherwise the significance of my following little dissertation will be completely lost. Thanx. Enjoy!

The first record of anyone working with i dates back about 2000 years to Heron of Alexandria in 50AD but he deemed trying to solve equations involving i as impossible & gave up. Others around that time tried to define i as well but they too soon gave up and then it was a really, really long time before anyone ever tried to manipulate i again.

In 1545, Girolama Cardano tried solving equations involving i but he greatly disliked i and he wrote that working with i was “as subtle as it was useless” and he also referred to working with problems involving i as a “kind of mental torture” – most people agreed. Albert Girard, for example called i “an impossible solution”. Rene Descarte, in 1637 came up with a standard math form for i but he didn’t like i either referring to it sarcastically as ‘imaginary’ and assumed that if one used i you would be unable to solve your problem. Isaac Newton agreed with Descarte; hating the idea of i & dismissed i as at best a form of whimsy. 

So while some of the greatest mathematical & scientific minds in history have hated the idea of i that didn’t mean, however, that they could stop others from believing that i might exist. The Italian mathematician Rafael Bombelli for example, was a firm believer in i; but because he didn’t quite know what to do with i he mostly was not taken seriously about i. Then one day Bombelli had what people today would call a really wild idea – he found that you could use i to get real number (real world) answers. This is known as mathematical conjugation.

Over the decades then, more & more people began to believe that i existed and they tried to make i understood and accepted. One way they found to do this was to plot i on a graph. John Wallis, in 1685 was the first to try this but he was ignored. A century later Casper Wessel & Leonard Euler separately wrote papers about how to plot i but they too were mostly ignored. In 1806, Jean Robert Argand showed how to use i in a graph and today we call this an Argand Diagram and in 1831, Carl Gauss used an Argand Diagram to make i popular with many mathematicians. It took all of these people working together over time to get the scientific community to accept and see some value for i.

i then was created because people simply needed it & today i is very useful to the world. Engineers use i to study beam stresses and wave resonance. i is used in the fields of hydraulics and hydrology to study fluid dynamics thru pipes and around objects as in oceanic current flow around the continents. Quantum mechanics & electromagnetism depend on calculations using i and when engineers design aircraft wings i is vital to their calculations. Electrical engineers use i in the development of all of today’s electrical technology – cell phones, laptops, computers, medical diagnostic equip. as well as communication, defense, weather & gps satellites; just to mention some. Geodetic & geologic studies – volcanism & earthquake studies as well as the search for minerals vital to our modern cultures involve analysis of data using equations that need i. Today’s modern technology with which our civilization depends would not exist if it were not for designs mathematically created utilizing calculations with i.

i then has many uses - more than we’ll ever realize and i has a fascinating history, full of some mathematicians & scientists not believing in i and others desperately trying to prove the existence of i. Many of these people brought together as much evidence as possible that i exists and we have them to thank today that we can use i whenever we please, without ever being questioned about it. (let simile sink in & elaborate; god v man; i/ as abstract invented tool not been applied properly by human structures; many do not ‘get’ math or science, physics, engineering, etc. hence can’t appreciate i or god as a possible useful tool; therefore should either be dismissed???) You must answer this for yourself.

to b cont.
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The following 1 user says Thank You to INTJohn for this post:
Wabbit (02-27-2017)
First leg of journey accomplished pretty much safe & sound with a minimum of interference and only a couple minor bumps in the weather that the powers that b delivered in fair weather fashion.

Will be at this harbor for the foreseeable future; taking on new provisions; enjoying a well deserved rest. Like all sailers with an unlimited 'shore leave' will engage with wharf side locals in frivolous & meaningless conversation regarding matters of drunken debauchery.


As always, enjoying company & conversation with great looking beach front girls on board being a premium best!!

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The following 1 user says Thank You to INTJohn for this post:
Wabbit (02-28-2017)
[quote pid='264371' dateline='1487396417']
"Now these events that are so ghastly to most Americans who have never known Combat, have for me been a great Gift:
War taught me more about Life than it ever did Death, it taught me more about courage & sacrifice than it ever did selfishness & cowardice; it taught me more about kindness than it ever did meanness and taught me way way more about Love than it ever did Hate. For a brash, very very tough young man these were lessons not learned easily nor without great discomfort but they are for me today an experience for which I am profoundly grateful. "

Well said brother....... well said. Everyone gets changed by combat, some of us for the better!
Retired 91B(S)/18D here, worked Latin America with 7th SFG(A) drop me a line if interested. I'm guessing you were with 5th working with the Yards? I owe my life, many times over, to some "little brown guys" and would gladly do the same for them.
Happy Trails!
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The following 1 user says Thank You to Qdini for this post:
INTJohn (02-28-2017)
Actually I was a PJ mostly out of NKP (Naked Fanny) Thailand; our primary mission was to go after downed pilots but worked a lot too with the 46th brigade in support of the 'road watch' teams into Laos & Cambodia. haha

Some with the Yards but mostly the Lima Sites with the Hmong........ When I wasn't on alert I'd jump on a slick and help out at the Lima Site dispensaries. When I was on alert and not in the air, I generally was sleeping on the tarmac on my pack or medic bag under the 53 waiting to get kikt awake to the sound of music: " grab ur shit, its time to git". haha  

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(02-26-2017, 08:56 AM)gargoyle Wrote:
INTJohn Wrote:At this point it may be best to put a hold on anymore verbage and let 1 picture tell a thousand words:

Duck Lake?

Since you chose to write instead of meditate, you still owe me 998 words.  Tongue

jez sayin................INTjohn
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I've survived another cross continental human endeavor; have emerged from another darkened cave but am now again setteld into a sunny desert spa. Will continue this literary odesy while I have dessert in the desert as my eyes become adjusted from the darkened cave I've spent so many months with to this bright desert sunlight.............

Thanx to all...............INTJohn
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