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Need advice on boondocking locations for a car.
(02-21-2017, 07:39 PM)INTJohn Wrote:!4038&query=sitedetails

I think thats the best link for you to find the place. This link is to the BLM Long term visitors area which is where my trailer is sitting. They charge 40 $ to stay here for 2 weex but you must be self contained - no cars or tents but the site I'm talking about is south of the LTVA another mile or so and you can stay there for free for up to 2 weex in anything you want to.

Basically just pull into the above ltva and ask Reynolds & Karen the Camp Hosts how to get to the free area and Reynolds will give you directions -- if he isn't busy hell he'll probably jump in the quad and guide you to it.


Thank you so much!
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You're welcome. Also, if you decide to go to this place, ask Reynolds about the spot by the sundial. That is one of the koolest campsites out there. The sundial is back behind the camp site area about 50 yards - can't see it from the trails. Somebody made it years ago - its been there forever - out of stones & old cans.

Tiz kool..............INTJohn

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(02-21-2017, 12:56 AM)Mystic Wrote: Thank you! Yes, I do have 4 doors and now I can see that would work!

Victorville.....hadn't thought of Victorville. I guess I should just check with freecampsites? Funny, Sedona was the first place I thought of but one of the weather apps that I checked said it might snow! I'm not feeling like dealing with snow this trip. Lone Pine sounds great but is supposed to be cold also. Actually, it seems that everywhere is cold for that time frame. I suppose I will just have to deal with it. But I draw the line at!

From Arizona and most of the weather forecasts, even for Flagstaff, aren't boasting about much snow. Sedona, even as a general rule, doesn't get a lot of snow which means nothing usually stands for more than a few hours and it's not thick. By February, in Arizona, we're already wondering if summer is far off -- which may explain why I plan to be chasing the good weather next year.

Oh, and Verizon is excellent in almost all the west.
I'm 65.5 yrs along; have a 2006 Kia Rio; divorced - happily; & ready to get this show on the road!
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I just LOVE how helpful everybody is on this sight! Does my heart good. Smile
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Free Wikicamps app. But the foremost In the world is honeys ?
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I tried to go to this site "", but the page says it is frozen.  I like to check out new sources.

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I would just go to the quartzsite area. Buy a small battery bank that will get you a few charges and if you need to it's ok to idle your car. A car is essentially a big generator. I live in la full time in my car as well Smile
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These ones apply to anywhere, especially in a car:
24-hour fitness gyms
24-hour Walmarts
24-hour fast food places
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