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Custom built truck camper - anyone?
Has anyone built a custom truck camper and mounted it to a truck chassis? Seems like it you had the skills and resources this would be a potential option to customize the living space to your needs and maximize the usable space while keeping the size of the rig fairly normal like a slide in camper setup. The cost should be comparable or less than a high end stock slide in.
   Does anyone have any pics or links of examples?
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There are people over on Expedition Portal who do that kind of thing.  Mostly the kind of people who take off for year long treks from Alaska to the southern tip of South America or trips around the world.

By coincidence, they just did a review of a book describing the best ways of doing that:

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If you can source insurance coverage during and after a custom build anything is possible. I'm not saying it's impossible, just problematic.
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(03-13-2017, 01:20 PM)LoupGarou Wrote: If you can source insurance coverage during and after a custom build anything is possible. I'm not saying it's impossible, just problematic.

Insurance shouldn't be an issue since you're insuring a factory built truck and the camper is just bolted to it like any other truck bed or truck box.
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I would love to build my own rig on the back of a 4x4. But it's a considerable investment and just not sure if i'm comfortable spending what I think i'd need to do it. There are a few forum members who have done some really nice ones. Speedhighway's build on the back of a peterbuilt comes to mind and the name is escaping me at the moment but another has built some really cool "pods" on the back of an Isuzu flatbed. They both have threads in the build section of the forum.
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Bob had a home built but I will do you one better. I advertised this awhile back it's still available. it's a U-Haul box that replaces the bed on a 1 ton pick-up. . highdesertranger
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Well I did build my sleeper that I posted over in the dumbest things on a truck thread.
Super basic, to avoid the problems of a flat roof I just made it a single pitch with tin. 2x4 for structural framing and 2x2s where I felt I could get away with them. Then after a few nights in it and a month or two in a tent I decided I didn't want to own a truck anymore because it was too expensive.
It was a cool project and I was happy to have built my own camper/sleeper I just didn't spend enough time thinking ahead.

One of the areas I messed up was I went with a full 96" width like you find on the bigger TCs, 92-94 is much more drivable.
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Here's mine. It's on top of a Tundra and really only meant for 1 person but can fit 2 tightly. The construction is EPS insulation sandwiched with 1/8" plywood on both sides. Exterior is covered with PMF (poor man's fiberglass). Search on the TNTT forums on the application of PMF. I went with a hard-sided pop top construction for better mpg but I camp a lot in winter so a canvas construction I felt would be too cold. I used to have a huge Chevy 3500 van with a bubble top and I simply hated how it drove and how limited it was when trying to explore the tight back country roads. So far the camper is holding up really well. It gets a little drafty in between the panels that pop up even though there are seals in between. Inside I have a stove, sink with manual foot pump, composting toilet and sit down shower, fridge & freezer, and a twin bed. I store most of my gear in the actual front cab of the truck since it's pretty roomy in there.

If I had to do it again I would probably go for a simpler cabover with the lowest height possible for comfort using aluminium siding. Putting it on a DIY flatbed might be in the works next year

[Image: 4eca695ef6d9c0527507f18b4bdaaf78.jpg][Image: 854576e2a633a2916d2ad4488816afe4.jpg][Image: 62c1a062a64718c55b39f7f58befbb3c.jpg][Image: 34d689318bd71a6455cd8a18dd06bfa8.jpg][Image: c8127fb2fd0e3830372cad35258caa0b.jpg]
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Oh here it is all closed up[Image: 1593841a03406addf07c0ed0d11a75eb.jpg]
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hey Kamturbo that's one hell of a rig. it needs it own thread, please do a thread on it. btw that looks like the Owens Valley. highdesertranger
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