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RV Haters shooting out RV windows
(03-20-2017, 07:49 AM)bLEEp Wrote: We shoot back
The bLEEps

I can pretty much guarantee you that if you shoot back at someone who is only using a bb gun to damage "mere property" (probably a misdemeanor, at best) you will be going to prison.

Any use of deadly force against another person - and in many jurisdictions, even POINTING a gun at someone is defined as a use of deadly force - requires you to prove that you, a reasonable and prudent person, were in fear of your life, or at least in fear of sustaining great bodily injury.  And you will be judged by a jury of 12 people who are assumed to be reasonable and prudent people and they would have to conclude that under the same circumstances, they would have done the same thing.

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GrayWhale (03-21-2017)
I have a funny story. When I first moved to rural Kentucky about ten years ago I had a minor incident.

I was living alone and didn't have real close neighbors. It was spring and so nice outside I decided to pull a small bed onto my back porch and sleep outside. I guess I had been doing this for a couple of weeks when I was woken by the sounds of gunfire coming thru my woods. It sounded like it was getting closer and closer so I called the police.

A cop came out and I told him about it and he asked if I had a gun. I told him I did and he said, "Well next time shoot back." That was my welcome to rural KY.

Since then I realized that just about everyone shoots in their own yard for target practice or whatever their doing.

Now I have targets here and there and a skeet thrower

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bullfrog (12-27-2017)
(03-20-2017, 07:49 AM)bLEEp Wrote: We shoot back
The bLEEps

Main problem is that they're cowards and can easily shoot from a distance; at anytime to break a window. Then they run. Besides, getting into a gunfight vs. someone with a BB gun = felony, prison and never owning a gun (legally) again.
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The shooter(s) are probably young punks driving Dad's truck around and looking for trouble. I would recommend setting up a camera and trying to catch them in the act.
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as to shooting back. a pellet or bb gun is deadly force under the law here in ca.

so under said law this mans life was threatened.

but as to what a anti freedom da would do??
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You kind of answered the question already when you said; here in ca.
Doing the Van thing since the early eighties.
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