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Anyone Boondocking in the Atlanta metro area?
To keep Wally World's image of NEVER having an employee to help customers on the floor available, they run skeletal shifts in the day and restock during the 3rd shift. You just have to figure where employee's are parking at: but the store's have more employees working 3rd shift usually re-stocking shelves (and unfortunately, they are the only ones who know where they put things at!)

Except for the scum of the Earth snitch-thieves that patrol Wally Worlds' parking lots on all shifts, it is possible to stay for one night in a row undetected. Morning time is the coolest part of the day, and there's not a whole lot of activity where the employees park. But like any time at Wally World, don't bet your life on a restful night's sleep on ANY shift. Snitch's can't get jobs and live off tax dollars, pulling shifts in neighborhoods, Walmart's, and all dark corners. They will be the one's with their bright lights aimed at your vehicle forever (from the front side and in your eyes), and will leave as soon as you pull towards them.  Dodgy
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