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Dometic CC-40US
What I've noticed is a large temperature gradient between the bottom and top, maybe 10 degrees Fahrenheit. I'd guess the cooling elements are in the bottom of the cooler, another good reason to focus insulation on the bottom.

My power draw also varies, I believe the variance is from differences in the voltage in the 12-14.4v operating system voltage range. My operating amp draw seems to max at about 3 amps, as I measured it DC. Curiously I also measured it AC with a Kill-a-Watt meter, and got higher consumption results similar to those of the above listed specs. There are two different methodologies for measuring energy in AC, and I don't understand that. In any case the conclusion would include large inverter inefficiencies when being operate on AC. I wonder how much you could cut the cost by removing the (cheap?) inverter completely.

My no battery solar power only operating test works in good weather, but I am continuing to degrade my Walmart Marine Deep Cycle. We'll see how long it holds out. My next upgrade will be a better controller to improve available power during daylight hours.
-Douglas Tooley

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Well, Elissa and I just ordered ours from the same supplier (Dyers). 
Wow, I don't mind telling y'all that made me a touch nervous.

We'll let you know how it goes.

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Mine (from Dyers) is still running great. If you read my post (from a few months back) when I first bought it - the first came defective and Dyers had a replacement sent to me before the original was even picked up - free.
Excellent customer service and a decent cooler.
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I just went out and found the unit saying 'Err01' which according to the manual means it's defective. It actually says, 'the cooling device has switched off due to an internal fault' and that it can only be fixed by an authorized dealer. I'll get ahold of the Dryers people. Kind of a bummer we're leaving for the RTR next Sunday morning.
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