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Widowed Retired Man Seeking Female Traveling Partner
Greetings Lady Travelers,

I am a widowed recent retiree (59 years young) and plan to start full-timing around May 1, 2017.  While the full-time aspects will be new to me, I have been camping, backpacking, RV'ing and surviving in harsh environments for over 30 years.  I have also traveled and lived overseas fairly extensively as well.

I am quite sufficient and at living alone after having lost my wife to breast cancer.  However, I can honestly say that I much prefer being a part of a meaningful relationship...being a part of something bigger than just myself.  I have been successful and have earned a certain degree of financial freedom, yet I now seek to live a much more simple lifestyle so that I can more fully absorb the lives, the cultures, the experiences and the world around me rather than having the pressures of worldly turmoil control me any longer.

My new home on wheels is a Pleasure Way Class B van motor home which has the only necessities I now need - a kitchen, a wet bath, a fridge, small microwave, generator, ac/heat, etc.  More importantly, it offers me the freedom to travel and explore!  However, my new adventures would be more rewarding if shared with an equally committed and adventurous lady partner.  So, if any ladies out there might like to explore the idea of partnering on travels (platonic or eventual building of a relationship), please feel free to contact me.  This might also be a possible way for ladies wanting to experience the lifestyle to do so without having to make a solo investment in a vehicle, or those unable to currently afford such an investment yet really want to get out there and start living now!  This probably goes without saying in a forum such as this with such quality people, but I definitely pull my weight and a partner should as well.  Friendships and partnering take time, trust, and baby steps to grow - so, let's start with that premise and see what we can build!  Oh, and a current Passport (or one in the works) would be a plus, as I occasionally like to travel overseas.  Feel free to send me a private e-mail message.  From there we can decide if we wish to exchange additional contact info, photos, etc.  

Others describe me as a kind and gentle soul, yet one who is generally prepared and capable for most any challenge that comes my way.  I am caring and generous to those who allow me to be.  Further, I am perhaps most importantly a loyal friend to those who also trust me with their friendship.   I am currently in Colorado, but spent most of my life in Texas.  I try hard to eat healthy.  I am a non-smoker, and I do enjoy a social adult beverage.

I hope to hear from new friends and fellow lady travelers.  Peace, love, and happiness to you all.   DocB
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