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Another newbie question
I buy the largest convex mirror that I can glue to my original mirror.
The world is not perfect, and neither am I. Get over it already. 
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Look at eDJ's post again.

Many vans have those silly little toy car mirrors that say "Objects are closer than they appear", and a coming vehicle isn't easy to see until they're TOO CLOSE. I think the companies saved a couple of dollars putting them on instead of decent mirrors. Have the mirrors replaced with large ones, and convex mirrors. It's cheaper than having an accident. There are lots of drivers out there who have no concept what the sign that says MERGE means, and most of them are driving too fast, too.
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As a trained school bus driving instructor I can tell you almost every vehicle that depends on mirrors will have blind spots. As HDR said adjustment is critical to reducing the unseen areas, but there are still unseen areas they are just smaller. I do believe that most accidents involving vehicles with limited right side vision occur on the right side more often, other wise we wouldn't see so many warnings on trailers about wide right turns. I can tell you as far as a school bus is concerned most accidents occur in front or right side because of blind spots even with properly adjusted mirrors. I my opinion there is no substitute for direct line of sight vision. If I can get a window, it will have a window.
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ArtW (04-07-2017)
There are after market blind spot warning devices.
The world is not perfect, and neither am I. Get over it already. 
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