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Unlimited AT&T $20 a month
Here we go again eh.

AT&T now has unlimited data subject to deprioritization after 22 gig in what is called Connected Car unlimited.

I learned of it from via this post.

There are other post on Howard forums and elsewhere.

A Mobley plugs into your cars OBD-II port on vehicles 1996 and newer. You can also buy a adapter that will allow you to take it out of the car. You can get the device free with a 2 year commitment or buy it with no contract for $99. No charge for shipping but there is a $45 activation fee. You might also be able to pick one up in person at a AT&T store. I checked and found none available near me. I just ordered one on line and will report back once I get it. I ordered a USB adapter for the Mobley here since I have a trailer. 

I am having both sent to AZ postal Shippers here in Cottonwood.

Van and Motor home users could just leave it in the port if they have one.

What this will allow me to do is drop my Cricket phone down to $30 a month or all together and have unlimited REAL AT&T instead of 12 gigs of Crickets throttled data for a total of $50 instead of $65 if I keep Cricket with unlimited calling and text, 1 gig of data plus unlimited 156k.

So now I have unlimited Verizon 3G, Unlimited Sprint 4G, unlimited AT&T and unlimited streaming on T-Mobile for a total of $56.71. I have to decide if I will keep Cricket for $30 a month or port my number to Google voice. I can run the phone off the hotspots including Navigator.

I still have the Freedompop Sprint and AT&T 4G with no monthly cost.
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I'm glad you are staying on top of all this, Jim. So the main reason for all the providers is to have at least one that you can be connected to? Depending on location?
All I have at the moment is ATT with hotspot capable.
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That's right Dennis. I started doing it because I needed to stay connected in the Rocky mountains for business purposes where you have no idea which provider will work. In a year and a half I have found ways to have inexpensive unlimited data for streaming on all of the carriers. My Verizon 3G is almost always connected but not always fast enough for streaming. My last spot the Cricket phone could barely make or keep a call but Sprint 3G worked wonderful. Right now Verizon 3G has a full signal but its max of 3 Mbps pales in comparison to Sprint 4G that is giving 10x the speed and instant streaming. Each device has had its day and place since I left Denver the first of the year.
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so my older vehicle wont be able to get it, right?

EDIT: Nevermind, I see it has an adapter
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Devices with ATT accounts are mostly fishing weights out west? If having only one sounds like maybe Sprint will suffice? Knowing that Verizon is widely used.
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I just got one online and with no activation fee. Be sure to get the standalone option. Got the adapter from eBay and it works great. Getting 23-30 up and 10 down. AT&T website is now set up for these. Best deal out there.

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Actually I have been pleasantly surprised with how well Cricket has done considering it is AT&T native with no roaming. It is rare that it doesn't get a signal.

There are times that Sprint is good but it is usually 3G at best out in the boonies. Verizon is king but at times is overloaded because everyone has it.
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Dennis (04-06-2017)
Thank you so much for sharing this. You have solved a big problem of mine by posting this. I live in my Prius in the city and this will be amazing

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jimindenver (04-06-2017)
I'm keeping an eye on this, right now I have less than 10g for 60 a month on my phone, 22g sounds like a lot
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Between your cooking, solar knowledge and internet how too, I think you're the ultimate human nomad encyclopedia
I've learned that making a living is not the same thing as making a life.
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