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Unlimited AT&T $20 a month

I am glad someone here has it and is using it. Normally I wouldn't just regurgitate and only post what I have hands on experience with. In this case I know many of those using it on to the point that I felt comfortable not only posting it but buying it myself. I didn't do either when you had to buy the device and take a two year contract for 1 gig at $20, then call and have the unlimited set up.


I'm glad it helped. I think that is what the forum is all about.

Art, 22 gigs is just where you MIGHT be throttled IF you are on a congested tower. So you might be throttled only on certain towers or the tower you use regularly may only be congested during certain times of the day. You might never be throttled at all.


Thank you for the compliment but I have a lot to learn about being a nomad. I would have never even considered it without this site and am forever grateful for it and those on it. They have helped me a lot.
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Well I got a email saying my order was cancelled due to not being able to confirm my identity. It also says I have to go to a AT&T store, the closest is over 100 miles from me. I called and they will try to get one in.

My other option is to order it from ebay and have the account set up afterwards.
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Rolleyes Undecided
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I'll be looking into ordering this in the next week. Wish me luck

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Good luck.

If nothing else you could go into a store and get it but call first.
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(04-06-2017, 12:19 PM)jimindenver Wrote: Here we go again eh.

AT&T now has unlimited data subject to deprioritization after 22 gig in what is called Connected Car unlimited.

I learned of it from via this post.

There are other post on Howard forums and elsewhere.

A Mobley plugs into your cars OBD-II port on vehicles 1996 and newer. You can also buy a adapter that will allow you to take it out of the car. You can get the device free with a 2 year commitment or buy it with no contract for $99. No charge for shipping but there is a $45 activation fee. You might also be able to pick one up in person at a AT&T store. I checked and found none available near me. I just ordered one on line and will report back once I get it. I ordered a USB adapter for the Mobley here since I have a trailer. 

I am having both sent to AZ postal Shippers here in Cottonwood.

Van and Motor home users could just leave it in the port if they have one.

What this will allow me to do is drop my Cricket phone down to $30 a month or all together and have unlimited REAL AT&T instead of 12 gigs of Crickets throttled data for a total of $50 instead of $65 if I keep Cricket with unlimited calling and text, 1 gig of data plus unlimited 156k.

So now I have unlimited Verizon 3G, Unlimited Sprint 4G, unlimited AT&T and unlimited streaming on T-Mobile for a total of $56.71. I have to decide if I will keep Cricket for $30 a month or port my number to Google voice. I can run the phone off the hotspots including Navigator.

I still have the Freedompop Sprint and AT&T 4G with no monthly cost.

This Mobely is a hotspot?  All you do is plug it into the OBDII plug and then into your phone or laptop?  I have a Cricket ... Are you saying I can have a hotspot for the cost of Cricket's basic plan? 
Save where you can so you can spend where you want.
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For $10 less than Crickets basic plan.
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this plus a tracfone or messenger for phone calls and it just made errything quite a bit easier
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My experience with ATT for home internet and phone was ever-increasing rates.
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I think i'm going to order one. Just curious about the adapter to use it outside of your car. You mentioned getting one because you have your trailer.....if the truck is parked next to your trailer do you think it wouldn't get a good enough signal or does it only work if the vehicle is running? Just trying to decide if I should order the adapter, I probably should. I can use it in my house for the time being and dump my home internet and save the $65/month.
I've learned that making a living is not the same thing as making a life.
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