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Interesting/different way to sleep in a pickup
This might not be bad if you have a fiberglass cap on your truck.  For a lot of the shorter trips that i've done this would have been perfect.  (Assuming it's comfortable)  Easy to set up and take down to return it to work truck mode

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rusty78609 on YouTube is getting ready to go camping in his new ram 1500 and he bought a cot tent... I can't link to the video from this tablet, but I'm sure you could find it or just Google the cot tent... It's pretty cool!
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I kinda miss the bench seat in my ol' 74 Chevy. Sure, at 6'4" it wasn't quite long enough, but I could rest my heels on the window sill... spent quite a few nights in that cab, out in the desert.
Some nicer nights, yeah... the bed on a couple blankets... if it wasn't too oily. My truck had to work. Smile
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Hope there is a nice pad to go under the person. As someone who uses hammocks for backpacking you need an underquilt or pad for insulation below about 75*

I love my truck's back seat bed...great for road trips and at 5'5" I fit just perfect.
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