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How about a Honda CRV?
I've been considering to buy a fullsize van, however I'm having a hard time to find a good van, and...

I already own a 2007 Honda CR-V.  What do you think about this for cardwelling?

I was thinking maybe to put a luggage box on top:

o keep the back area clean.  And then using an inflatable mattress to sleep in, and when not in use, deflating it and putting it away, allowing me to use the area to work on my computer, or anything else.  I'll have to use public restrooms though.  

And the good thing is that the mpg is 18 mpg city, 27 mpg highway, much better than 12 - 17 mpg that full size vans get.

BTW I go cross country to photograph cities for a living (I live in Arizona, not exactly close to much of America's cities).  But I'm also considering fulltime, in part to pay my debts off and save money.

Does anyone here know someone that's been using a CR-V?
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Have U measured the space in the back to make sure it's long enough to actually lay down in?

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You have a palace for car living...look no further....

Here is a good blog from one of us..Suanne...who lives in a Prius as she travels once for 6 months...very comfy for her and she loves it....

^^ The back of the CRV is 6 ft long behind the seats if the back seats are removed.  I happen to be almost 6 ft tall.
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Get a good Yakima or Thule rack with a box in top and you should be good to go. Also look at the camp model Thermarest. Unlike most air mattresses, they don't leak at night.

Ms PM has had 2003 CRV since 05. Great lil cars.
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I have a 2014 CR-V and will need to arrange a sleep platform since I don't want to remove the backseats and it has a significant lump over them.
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Nice. Looks like a solid choice.
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How much MPG do those roof cargo box eat? I'm guessing 2-3 MPG?
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I am also considering living in my 2005 CRV which is paid off and has been well maintained, when my apartment lease is up.

I bought a roof box at Sears Extreme Sport made by Thule for $250 vs. the $600 - $700 ones I had seen in stores. Craig's list didn't have a good selection at the time, and I wanted it installed professionally. It works fine, but is a bear to get on, easy to get off. I intend on leaving it there. Gas millage change in town hardly an issue and worth the space. Some loss on long trips.

Another nice decked out vehicle isn't a financial option. With $40K in debts I want to eliminate, and rent, health insurance, and everything going up, I think I am going to give it a shot. Where I live studio apartments anywhere near my job are $1,200 or more a month. Forget larger apartments and I loss my house/job/etc. in the great recession in 2008 and am now just getting income back to where I used to be. I plan to "stealth" in town, keep my office job with no one the wiser, shower at the free exercise facility in my office building, put all my stuff in a storage unit and "live" out of the storage unit and the car for at least 1 year if possible. I have sleeping bags and camping gear already. As a single older woman I am concerned with safety and cold in the winter, but knew another lady with much less money or gear who did it for about 6 months a few years ago. Bob's book is more for Van people but I've got some great ideas from it and the blogs that I could use. Taking the rear seat out will be a must, Limo Tint and the Reflectix key. Scouting out hiding places also important as you will get busted in this city for parking overnight at Park & Rides big time, and I am certain the local authorities are against all this. I have lived in the neighborhood for years so I feel safer in known surroundings.

Good luck!
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Do a search for threads by our lady member "Bitty". She started in a small car, and had a lot of good tips, warnings and examples of how she made it work. She did finally get a big Van later.
This forum is on probation again.  Bob, turn your PMs on!
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