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How about a Honda CRV?
Getting a comfortable sleep is really important so you'll need to find a place for a bed. Can you fold the passenger seat back enough to lay a piece of plywood across it and into the back to sleep on? Any other way you can see to make a bed?
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There are a number of vandwellers that use various types of smaller vehicles to live in/out of. As Bob says, getting a good night sleep is key, but there are any number of other issues that must be dealt with. If you are looking to stealth the roof rack, although helpful is not the best to stealth with. Steal thing with the front seat laid back for sleeping is also not helpful. There are things that do work.

Other issues that need to be addressed include cooking or not, cold weather preparation, screening if in an area with bugs, powering your electronics, ability to go to the bathroom when nature calls, keeping busy for some fun and enjoyment, hygiene, support system, etc.
You can overcome all of these items in various ways, but only you can decide how and what will work best for you. It takes planning and trials for learning before you can just hit the road and have success.

As noted Suanne has a good blog on the subject. One thing I learned from her is to have a dedicated seating and bed area. I like my bed set up all the time as it is too much work to do set it up every night.

Removing the rear seats and designing a platform gives the most space.

Experiment and stay optimistic as you try car living to get to a point where you get what works for you.
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I started out with a 98 CRV. I'm not that tall but am, wide. It was a miserable rest. The seats aren't able to fold down flat. I tried various foam pads, nothing was right. Even diagonally the back was about 72 inches by a useable 36 inches. Everything else had to go in the passenger front seat, that doesn't leave much room. I gave it up and found an older ford minivan, thinking the fuel mileage would be ok and it certainly was better than the CRV for space. Trouble is, they aren't all that reliable and the seats had to be taken out and junked. Then I had to build up a flat floor. The van died and I was back to square one. It seems that minivan's aren't engineered to live 20 plus years... So I found a mid 90's conversion mid top. I'm under 6 feet and cannot stand straight up in it but it's better than always crouching. The conversion has lasted and parts are everywhere.

In the rv world the saying is "buy your last rv first". Now that's a pretty stupid saying because no one really knows what their last rv will be and your needs change. What it does mean though is try to think about your longer term plans. Don't squash yourself up like I tried to do when it won't work. I should have driveway camped for a week. I'd have known it never would have worked in the CRV. I should have looked at the longevity of minivans and seen that they aren't so good, mechanically. Weak transmissions, motors that give up after or around 150-200K. I've seen lots of 90's full sized vans around, that should have made me think. So I went through 3 vehicles when I could have just bought the van.

Will my experience be yours? Probably not, but I'd tell you to not compromise on your living space. It gets old in a hurry. What's the extra gas cost vs your comfort?

If this is a 3-6 month thing then maybe. If you think this could go a year or more then I don't think you will like it. CRV's are great little vehicles. Little being the operative term.
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I spent 8 months traveling in a 99 Honda CRV with my wife and 90lb dog. I took out the rear seats and used a simple sleeping platform with storage below, I got the idea and basic plans from this article http://intelligenttravel.nationalgeograp...-a-camper/

Worked great for our travel needs, and I feel like it would be plenty of space for one person, full time. Best of luck!!
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Just curious if you tried living in your Crv. We also already have a 2004 Crv and are wondering ig it would work for us for a bit untill we find the right can. How has it been?
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A lot of people have converted their CR-V's into mini-campers. My aunt transformed her 97 CR-V into one amazing home and it's super convenient with Honda's included picnic table. I loved that picnic table lol. I haven't slept in the newer ones but hers was a basic setup and it gave me an awesome night sleep.
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I've got a 1998 CR-V that I just started a conversion on. First thing I did was take out the back seats - can't really see how there'd be enough space without that step (at least with this model year).

You gotta love the picnic table! I'm working my bed platform build around it so I have easy access to that thing:

Good luck with yours - keep us posted!  Big Grin
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Your CRV is worth decent money as those Hondas hold their value well, sell it and get something that you can comfortably live in. Living in a CRV would suck. That year CRV is worth around $7000, you can get a nice rig going for that much money.
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Elemental van life on YouTube. Living out of an Honda Element. That will link to others doing the same and their setups.
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My friends aunt converted a 1997 CR-V into a camper. The build and design was amazing and has served over ten years of road trips for her. I plan on getting a first-gen CR-V as its truly a great vehicle for dwelling. While it shares the same platform as the Civic, most engine parts are similar between the two and the part-time AWD is super handy to have. I've seen many YouTube videos where CR-Vs with little modifications were capable of off-roading trails. Definitely a vehicle to consider for the nomad who wants to take the SUV approach.
"Home is where you park it."

2002 Saturn SC1 "S.IX: Phoebe"
Happy home of Karen and Jamie
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