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How about a Honda CRV?
I travel in a Geo Metro. I'm almost 6ft.
I will just say what I did to make more room.
I took the cushion out of my back seat keeping the seat covering and instead put my Mattress and sleeping bag in its place. So it still looks like a normal seat. It means that when I take the mattress out I can put the back of the seat flat forward. Instant bed. I put the mattress into a large suit cover so its clean, contained and portable.
Then I removed the front seat. OMG that is just mega room! Its an extra 4'L X 2'W X 4'H. I will be able to use a potty type contraption in that space or build a storage unit there OR the Dog Crate would fit there. In fact just sitting on the back seat and having all that leg room to the front is very comfortable for lounging.
I found an empty space for a bolt just inside the hatch back door -so- wonderful husband welded a hook onto a bolt. I screwed that there so I can clip the Pup to it and have her on a long leash out the back hatch door. Also when I removed the front seat I put the seat belt click part (Technical term?) on to the bolt position near the front passenger door. I have a seat belt attachment for the dog leash - she can sit there safely and without being able to jump on top of me.
I think every thing else I have done has been covered by others.
Happy Trails.
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I also chose a CRV. I got the 2017. The earlier versions did not meet my requirements. However in the 2017 did. I am 5'8" and I can sit up in the truck (?) without hitting my head and can lay down flat without issues....all without removing the seats. The 2017 also had higher ground clearance than other versions and most cars. I haven't done a lot of hard testing on it yet but am looking forward to it.
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The 2017 does not have the picnic table though! What a great idea though. I wish they had kept it.
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