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Dodge Caravan minivan conversion for traveling and camping
(04-14-2017, 07:10 PM)DannyB1954 Wrote: Nothing against commercialism, but this thread belongs in the for sale section. Maybe a moderator can move it there.

Absolutely concur
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Jahmai (05-10-2017)
(04-16-2017, 08:44 AM)GoneCamper Wrote: Sorry, plywood costs don't mean much. There are lots of incidental costs to building and finishing something commercially. And then you need to add in labor costs.
I am sure you would not sell your kit for $200.
In addition, the GoneCamper conversion kit includes customization for each buyer,
Then you add in the custom window covers, dual-fuel stove, and the custom folding full-size mattress that are also included.
Congratulations on building your own van bed.
But this is a complete package for those who neither have the time, ability or tools to design or build their own camper.
Definitely not the only option available, but a valid choice for many people.

But i agree with this, too. There is more to a build than the materials therein

I probably wouldn't pay the $ for the kit, but some folks might find it to be worth it, maybe
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