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To Sell/Barter/Trade, Read This Post First
After much discussion among the moderators, we have developed a new policy for members who desire to sell, barter, or trade an item or service in the forum.

Policy: Members must make at least 10 posts in order to mention their product, item, or service that they have for sale, barter or trade.

More detail:
-The seller's 10+ posts must be substantive in nature. That is, the posts must demonstrate that the seller is and will continue to be an active, contributing member of this community (vs. just logging posts in order to meet the 10-post requirement to qualify to advertise to the forum membership).
-The 10 post minimum applies to any possible mention of a product or service, for example -- if starting a thread, within an existing thread, or in a signature block.
-If the seller has a one-off item (van, stove, solar panel, etc.), create one thread about it in the "Trading Post" sub-forum, indicating in a final post when it sells.
-If the seller is promoting a product or service as either a sales person or owner of a business/enterprise, create one thread about it in the new "Market Place" sub-forum. If the seller wishes to include additional information about the product or service, add a post to the existing thread (vs. starting a new thread).

Other important points:
-The forum leadership encourages sellers whose wares support the vandwelling lifestyle to become an active participant and share their products and services with the membership in the "Market Place" sub-forum.
-Continue to use the "Products" sub-forum to post reviews of items or services for which the poster has no money-making affiliation, but, rather, simply wishes to inform the membership of their opinion.
-Continue to use the "Trading Post" sub-forum to list items you find for sale that may be of interest to the membership, but for which the poster has no ties (e.g., CraigsList ads).

Thank you, The Forum Staff
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thanks for sharing , keep it up Smile
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