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Banner Ads on CRVL, some changes
I made the follow changes to the banner ads that are served on the CRVL website:

1) I removed any ads that served up the black banner with the arrow and circle in the middle because they were grabbing members' cursors making typing difficult, if not impossible.
2) I removed animated ads because they use a lot of members' data.
3) I removed several sensitive category ads, including those that had a "dating" theme.

Thanks for your patience.  I sincerely hope these changes fix the problems that we have been having.  

Please post to this thread if you have any more problems related to the ads on CRVL.

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The following 23 users say Thank You to VanDwellerMod for this post:
This world isn't home (06-15-2017), Pictureinpa (06-13-2017), Fairlight (06-11-2017), frater secessus (05-03-2017), mayble (05-01-2017), ArtW (05-01-2017), slynne (04-29-2017), DannyB1954 (04-29-2017), VanGrrl57 (04-29-2017), karl (04-29-2017), Wabbit (04-29-2017), Almost There (04-29-2017), Queen (04-29-2017), cyndi (04-28-2017), GypsyDogs (04-28-2017), GotSmart (04-28-2017), Spaceman Spiff (04-28-2017), Snow Gypsy (04-28-2017), gsfish (04-28-2017), highdesertranger (04-28-2017), rvpopeye (04-28-2017), AbuelaLoca (04-28-2017), BradKW (04-28-2017)
thank you, I've stopped going to sites that have those,,,,yours were getting to that point,,,so thank you
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Thank you for that. Smile
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Huh  DAMN!!  I thought when they found hubbys for all the Hot Russian Brides they'd start advertizing the Bridegrooms  Rolleyes
Yeah like Queenie would let some guy sleep in Her bed with us  Big Grin

Thanks Anyways

Jewellann and The Q
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Thank You Mod !...............What a huge difference on my poor computer doug
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Yup, much nicer without the Renegade ADs. So far, so good.
Doing the Van thing since the early eighties.
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Definitely much better without the dating ads! TY
I have brain damage that makes understanding technical details and math related things a nightmare.  Please don't assume for me that I can just up and comprehend what you do.  My posts, requests and questions are directly related to getting and giving information that *I* can comprehend.  Thank you.
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Thank you, thank you!
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