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Carry a gun? Extra cash? Where?
brake clean has a lot more in it than acetone. also it is against federal law to use it in any manner other than what is was intended. highdesertranger
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(04-30-2017, 06:44 AM)RoamingKat Wrote: "LEO deciding to do a little confiscation" 

"How do I hide such things and have them remain Both accessible and secure?"

The second question comes.. is it even legal to have a gun in other than the state it was issued?   What about "concealed carry".   Is it considered illegal de Facto?

Hello OP, here's my take on your questions.

1.  I'm not sure what you mean by "LEO deciding to do a little confiscation"
First, LEOs needs probable cause to further investigate.  A typical traffic stop DOES NOT warrant to ask "do you have a gun in your car", even if asked you have the right NOT to answer.  In some states, LEO need a warrant before opening a locked compartment or a locking storage attached to your vehicle.  Unless you are doing something illegal you shouldn't have anything to worry about as you are a law abiding and a responsible gun owner.  Unless you mean a dirty cop searches your vehicle (even locked compartments/storage areas) without PC, then you can request his or her supervisor or report the incident immediately after contact (yes even dial 911).  And document as much as you can if you think the officer overreach his or her authority.

2.  People find creative ways to hide valuables all the time.  I had a van with an armrest that was wrapped in leather material with a zipper, I would hide my cash and registration inside the padding.  As for guns, you can have a small lock box or even a small safe but bolt it down so its not easily to grab and go.  Yes those cable can be cut easily.  The key is to make it harder and more time consuming.  The hiding spot can vary due to everyone's rig is set-up differently inside, take a little time to make or see what's the best spot for you.

3.  Yes its totally legal to have a gun in other States than the original issuing State.  Fed law allows transporting to all States period.  The way/matter of how its transported (loaded and unloaded) differs from State to State.  If you are not familiar with every State's gun laws, just do this, when you are driving, have the handgun unloaded, locked in a case, and store it in a locking compartment.  Locking compartment usually means a trunk in a vehicle but since we have vans or RV's, any locked cabinets within the RV is fine.  I wouldn't store it in a center console or glove box even if its locked as its "reachable" and won't go well in some States.  When you are sleeping, make the gun loaded and put it somewhere easy to grab if situation presents itself.  Having a loaded gun inside your rig while you are sleeping is legal in all States as your RV is your temp resident.  The key is to have a gun routine from driving to sleeping and stick with it everyday!

3A.  Conceal Carry often mean you are carry a loaded gun on your body in a conceal matter.  Like some have stated, some States allows conceal carry without a permit, some requires one.  Laws on conceal a loaded gun in your vehicle also differs from State to State.  Sometimes I forget so I just follow the "routine" described above.  I don't conceal carry everywhere I go, situation awareness is number one, I usually don't get into areas that I'm not comfortable with.

Hope my two cents helps.  Best travels.
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(12-28-2017, 04:54 AM)LMTLMT Wrote: 1.  I'm not sure what you mean by "LEO deciding to do a little confiscation"

Civil asset forfeiture, for one thing.  It is now common for LEOs to ask travellers if they are carrying cash and seize it if they are. Oklahoma troopers have have equipment to drain debit cards and prepaid credit cards

In recent years police have stolen more from citizens than burglars did.
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In the past I kept keys and cash inside my factory mounted tow hitch
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speedhighway46 (12-28-2017)
Sorry if this has already been covered, but in many jurisdictions they have made it illegal to have a concealed box. So just having one is in itself grounds for arrest, search and for asset forfeiture to kick in.
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(04-30-2017, 08:25 AM)Every Road Leads Home Wrote: Rv's are full of factory built hidden compartments, they waste space all over.  Tap into one of those.  I personally don't care if hidden compartments are illegal, I'll still have one.  Speeding is illegal and I do it everyday. 

That doesn't sound very smart.

Big difference between speeding a little and possibly getting a ticket vs. getting caught with a hidden compartment and possibly getting your home confiscated.
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(12-28-2017, 07:53 AM)wagoneer Wrote: In the past I kept keys and cash inside my factory mounted tow hitch

I wonder if the Cops can claim that you used it as a hidden compartment. I know, far fetched....but damn, just saw post #53 about Cops draining debit cards, etc. 

Wonder how the Cops would ask about you carrying cash?  Would they ask if you were carrying "lots of cash" or do they have a set amount....."over $10,000 in cash?"....if you lie, then that's another charge right?

Read somewhere, where Mexicans from Mexico saved up their money to buy farming equipment for their small business in the USA and drove over with over $100,000 in cash to buy it. Bad move, as they were stopped for something and the Cops confiscated all of their hard earn money.  Don't think they got it back!
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