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I have a month long job in Connecticut and was looking for camping spots. The State Parks website says all reservations are subject to cancellation without notice because of state budget issues.  The few private parks in the area I need to be are $30 a night, a bit less for the month, but all look like the sites are on top of each other. Who knows, they might not even accept my rig. This is looking like a real problem.  I also need to be in Western Mass for a few weeks.  I have a couple of offers of places for a few days, but camping options look slim.  This doesn't look good either.  Has anyone heard of anything within 20 miles of Hartford or in the Springfield Mass area?
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Did you find anything? New England and Connecticut don't do campgrounds very well. Nothing is cheap or easy. Try advertising on Craig's list to park for a month with a 15A 110V extension cord for $200 and see if anyone bites in that. Cheaper then anything.

Use the Craig's list section for subletting apartments or renting storage space.

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