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Lost & Found
A post in another thread and that I found a nice pair of wire cutters while walking the dog yesterday got me to thinking.......what are some of the things you've lost and found while out on the road?

My best ever find was a one oz kruggerrand on the subway.  

My other recent notable finds (in the last few years) are the wire cutters and small swiss army knife.

My house is on a main road and just like high tide stuff washes up all the time.  Mostly trash (like a small shopping bag a week worth)  but also about a half a dozen bungee cords, a brand new plastic funnel a few days ago,  a small cooler, 5 gallon bucket, few hubcaps, a floor mat, and an Eastwing Hammer with some road rash on the rubber handle.    (This is all since September when I moved here)

I've lost a few Leathermans in my lifetime.  Know where I lost em both too, but couldn't find either one to save my life.  And the one that hurt the most, my great grandfather's wedding ring.  I knew it was in my Dad's desk drawer, but when we were cleaning out the house we forgot all about it and the desk went in the dumpster.  Worse, we even looked thru the drawers first, but it was under a wooden divider/insert tray.  

Who else has lost or found something interesting?

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I've learned that making a living is not the same thing as making a life.
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Of all the things that I have lost, I think I miss my mind the most.
The world is not perfect, and neither am I. Get over it already. 
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I could fill pages with things I found, after all I look for thing mostly gold but I look for everything. my best finds have come off of any road. like the arrowhead I found laying on top off the ground while hiking cross country. or the very old mason jar with a glass lid that was half filled with water that I found off of any modern trail. of course there are many nuggets I have found. just remember you will never find if you don't look. highdesertranger
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Awesome about the Krugerrand, bummer about the ring. I'm trying to find a ring of my grandfather's myself.

I know I've found all kinds of things in the road but I'm having trouble remembering them. I can remember lots of those black rubber straps and a near new gallon jug of Orange GoJo. I used to see lots more when I was riding a bike more often.

I did find a $20 in the street a few months back. It was folded and I thought it might be one of those religious pamphlets and picked it up for my collection but it turned out to be real. As I was checking it out another one came blowing past me before I could grab it. It went into the middle of a busy cross street and then was gone. I think that it stuck to a tire because it had been raining and everything was wet. I hope that someone that needed it more than me found it.

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$50.00 at a water  station in Yuma two years ago. one of the best watches I ever owned at ft Campbell ky years ago.
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(05-01-2017, 09:56 PM)gsfish Wrote: I did find a $20 in the street a few months back.

I forgot about the $20 I found.  My dog gets super excited once he knows we are going somewhere and won't go to bathroom to save his life,  heading back to Mass about five min after we started driving he started doing his I have to piss wine.  Reluctantly pulled over at a gas station let him out and as he was about to pee on a pile of leaves I saw it and grabbed it before he rained on it.  So, he redeemed himself on that ride, the others not so much.  

I have since figured out a work around to him not going before a car ride.  I let him hop in the truck, start it, shut it off, open his door and he runs out and goes to bathroom.  Then I can start my trip.
I've learned that making a living is not the same thing as making a life.
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Well, last Sat. I lost my iPhone in the University parking lot, after a baby shower for my niece.
The best thing is I did find it, as soon as I noticed it was not in my pocket, I drove back, Thank God I hadn't left the parking area.
I actually found it! YIPPEEEEE. I would really hate to buy a new phone, as I only buy those kinds of things, when I need it, but, I also would really hate to tell Hubby I lost it. He gets onto me about being more aware about what is happening, so this would just give him an excuse to give me the lesson, just one more time. LOL

I one time had a coat that I thought I had some singles in the pocket, but couldn't find it, I looked and looked, no money, the following winter, while wearing it, and being very, very broke, I found it in the bottom of the coat, near the hem. How it got there I have no idea, but finding it was a great thing, as I was really broke, and thought I needed a pack of Cigs.

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Found a watch underwater in the ADKs. That was about 17 years ago, though.
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Several years ago I was visiting my dad in CA. We always go to the coast when I visit. He has a favorite beach where there's good rocks. I had to pee before we left and coming out of the bathroom i found $35 folded up in the icicle plants. We had a nice lunch with the find.

A few years ago my bride and i were drivng home from grocery shopping and found a brand spankin new werner 16' aluminum ladder laying on the median shoulder. The exits are spread out quite a bit and we drove down to our exit then back north past the find then south again to pick it up. When i saw it still had the cardboard on it from the store the extra miles were worth it. I felt bad for the person that hadn't secured it they were pissed!

This last winter just west of the rtr site we were walking with the dogs and found a sweet waterproof bike pannier that had a nalgene bottle and some tools in it. The bungy had broken and it probably bounced off long before it was noticed missing. Judging by the moldy beverage in the nalgene it had been there for a bit but it washed.
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Kind of related,,, a little...

A few years ago I had a 10' dingy (little boat) for sale on Craig's List for $450. It was in nice shape and new they were $1,200.

I had a call from someone about 70 miles away and they wanted me to hold onto it as they were headed right over. When they got here they told me that they had borrowed one exactly like it from a friend to tow behind their sailboat and at some point they looked back and it wasn't there!!! They tried but were never able to find it and were looking at having to buy a new one to replace it with so were elated to find mine. Telling me this first was a bad move on their part when they tried to negotiate a lower price.

"We're all bozos on the bus, so might as well sit back and enjoy the ride."

Wavy Gravy

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