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Lost & Found
"Make lots of good memories because you don't get to choose the ones you keep." FOund and Lost but topical considering the direction of the post. Don't know where the quote came from but my father said it to me.
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Found a busted up old Vespa scooter walking home from school one day with a friend. We pulled it out of the weeds and took it to his house. Go it running and didn't care that it had broken lights, fender half torn off... we had a bike! Next day the Carabinieri (Italian police) showed up on Base at our school and arrested my friend and took him to the Italian jail in town. Turns out the Vespa had been stolen then trashed before it was dumped. No bike for us.
“If the words you spoke appeared on your skin, would you still be beautiful?”
~ Auliq Ice
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East coast friend called to say he was coming for a visit asked if I could get a a set of golf clubs and we would go play OK I am not a golfer but thought it would be a hoot, being left handed i went to the salvation army and picked up an old lefty set for 8 bucks I was cleaning the clubs and noticed something at the bottom of the canvas bag turned out to be an old Rolex watch.
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I found a 2.5 gallon box of DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) in the median of a big curve this morning. Passing it on to a friend that can use it.


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"We're all bozos on the bus, so might as well sit back and enjoy the ride."

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Found a message in a bottle walking on a Washington Beach at sunset with $5 CDN in it. Made for a great unique special photo moment.
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