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Guidelines for Overnight Parking in Towns
(05-15-2017, 07:56 PM)Dgorila1... Wrote: ...

  • No recreational equipment shall be in any public street or public right-of-way for more than three hours.

  • No such equipment shall be used for living, sleeping or housekeeping purposes except in locations lawfully established for such use.

I think the section after the bolded section is even more interesting, restrictive, and troublesome.

Also officially hates touch screens ... and not so smart phones ... oh, and those squeaky little shoes that Satan invented for toddlers.

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I bought a Sprinter RV, removed all the decals that say "Im an RV" just so I can pull over and park and not be bothered by the criminal element or the police.   Still experimenting with it.

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Nice looking rig. It screams RV to me though. If we know what to look for, you can bet the cops do too. Maybe even some of the smarter criminals.
Doing the Van thing since the early eighties.
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timotb (07-21-2017)
(07-05-2017, 10:19 AM)slynne Wrote: I have fought parking tickets like that and won. Of course, the way they get you is that almost always the time and effort to fight the ticket is more costly than just paying it.

Some of you might frown.....but I have never paid a parking ticket in my 40 years of driving.  I don't get them often and you are right, it is too costly for them to fight and chase down a ticket in order to get paid. They can send bills in the mail....they go straight in the trash.  It has never effected my licence here in Ohio.  The rules can change in bigger cities, like New York where they might get mean.   I got a $250 dollar fine for parking in a no parking area for 15 minutes in the city of Cleveland 10 years ago.   They sent bills in the mail and got nothing. They stopped after a year or 2.

Right here in my home town I got a parking ticket for parking to go to a store.  The road was a side road and not clearly marked.   I sent them a letter and the ticket (which I don't have a habit of doing) stating the tricky situation and the lack of a clear appeals procedure.   Never heard from them.  The ticket is gone.

The above relates to car parking.  Why not a small, inconspicuous rv as well?   Collecting a parking fine from a smaller town that you don't visit often, especially from out of state, would be almost futile....unless they really want to roust you in the middle of the night and take you to jail.
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That is the worst advice to post ever.  Many places will attach the fines and penelties onto your registration.  I personally know one person that was hauled in because of a parking ticket in CA.  

Dont tempt the bears.
Trouble rather a tiger in his lair than a sage at his books. To you kingdoms and armies are mighty and enduring, to him they are toys of the moment, to be overturned with the flick of a finger. G Dickson.
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Vesper (11-11-2017), Fairlight (07-22-2017), Trebor English (07-22-2017)
I just saw this I agree with Mr. Smart. that is terrible advice. in California they tack all unpaid tickets to your registration plus penalties. if you are from out of state they will turn it over to collection agencies. highdesertranger
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And in some jurisdictions, unpaid parking tickets are attached to your plates and come time for renewal...well it ain't happening unless you pay the fines as well as all the added charges for not paying them on time in the first place.
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Even though I just part time, I drive a lot in the summers, just like now. I have put over 7000 miles on since the end of May. 

I normally stay in (first choice) chain hotel parking lots, anything from Super 8, H.I. Express or Best Western for examples. I will stay in a casino lot if in a state that has them. I stay in truck stops or very large gas station lots as well (many cities and towns have them within their boundaries). 

I have been known to stay overnight in a auto repair store lot, like a Firestone or Goodyear. (Pretty easy to say the car wasn't working right so I'm there for early morning drop off).

I sometimes stay at a Walmart, but its down on my list.  For very small towns, I look for their parks.

Of course it's the rule of in later (9-10 pm) and out before the sun rises when I stay in a populated area. Seems to work for me but then a Prius isn't that noticeable.

And yes, while some may toss their tickets, I'm very leery of not keeping my license clear. My frequent border crossings cause me to regularly come up on whatever overbearing Orwellian registries the governments have now. Note that in the article I have excerpted below, it states that a Canadian (BC) drivers license is automatically SUSPENDED after 3 months of an unpaid ticket...

From the site (2017). Bolding is theirs...

"If you receive a traffic ticket in the USA, you should either pay the fine or arrange to go to court to dispute the ticket. Obviously, the latter option is not very convenient since you will likely no longer be in the state by the time your court date is scheduled to occur.  If you ignore the ticket and are caught driving in that state again, you could be arrested and even put in jail. Although an unpaid traffic ticket will not render a Canadian inadmissible to the United States (no need for an I-192 US Waiver), border officials will often inform the local Police force that a "wanted" individual has just entered the country. 

This scenario is extremely common for BC drivers in Washington state. A British Columbia driver's license is automatically suspended three months after a traffic ticket becomes overdue, and upon entering the United States, the Police will pull them over and cite them for driving with a suspended license in addition to not paying their previous ticket. At this point, the Police officer can either release the individual for a mandatory court date, or they can be booked into jail. Neither situation is ideal, however, and unless you want to risk needing to take time off work to drive across the border and attend court you should always pay your US traffic tickets on time. Regardless of whether it is a ticket for driving in excess of the speed limit, failure to signal when changing lanes, running a red light, or failing to stop at a stop sign, not paying the fine can cause you major problems if you are ever pulled over while driving in that state again. Being charged for driving while suspended, which is a criminal misdemeanor, can also have additional ramifications such as causing a person's Nexus card to be revoked."
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Vesper (11-11-2017)
California put a hold on my Texas license, I made it thru the DMV but when the paperwork Hit Austin, I got a notice I had to settle with Kern County ASAP. Improper lane change.
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Years ago I received a fine in the mail at my home in Texas, for illegal parking in some town in Florida.

I had not been to Florida in 30 years....seriously. 

I called the number listed on the ticket and explained that fact to the clerk, and she said something to the effect of, oh its probably an error writing down the tag number...or entry into a computer.

She said, dont worry about, its dismissed.

Nice of her, but what if she had said tough, you have to pay it?

As far as I know, it was dismissed and I have not heard anything else about it.
About to be 'vanless' after FOUR years...
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