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Guidelines for Overnight Parking in Towns
In Minnesota an unpaid traffic ticket (or any ticket able offense) has interest and penalties added after a specified time (the first IIRC is 10 business days).  Costs add up quickly.  At some point a bench warrant is issued for the registered owner of the vehicle (after notification by mail a number of times).  In state, this will come up with any interaction with government.  If stopped by police, you will be arrested, jailed, appear in court, make bail, appear in court again and pay the fine plus penalties, interest and court costs =  expensive.  I don't know if this warrant is reported to out-of-state data bases and what another state would do about it. 

 -- Spiff
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By the way guys. timotb was talking about a parking ticket.

Not a traffic ticket.
About to be 'vanless' after FOUR years...
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as I said, "all unpaid tickets" doesn't matter if it's parking or a DUI. California will come after you one way or another. highdesertranger
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