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If I was a Man it might not matter/ Safety Issue
I have gone round and round about this and keep coming back to why an RV is right for me. I Could be happy in a truck camper, they look neat. The price for a 3/4 or 1 ton truck is a lot. I Could be happy when I sell my house paying off my new to me Toyota Tacoma (2014 King Cab, 36,000 miles) and buying a pull behind trailer. The main word there is Could. Unfortunately, I can't. I can't be happy thinking about those decisions as a Woman. Its the safety issue. If I am parked out there somewhere on BLM land or just overnight anywhere and I were to feel uneasy, if someone was near my rig with bad intentions, there is no way to drive away without going outside to get to the inside of the truck. I would be putting myself into the direct path of whatever I wanted to get away from. Those options put me in a position I don't want to be in. I want to be able to go directly to the driver's seat and start the engine. I know there are other women who have excepted the options of a truck camper or a travel trailer and they are fine.

I know all this depends on if the engine starts hopefully it will. I know I may never be in that position but I might. I also understand that a man can be in a dangerous situation just like a woman but it is less likely to happen. I am not someone who fools herself that a man's strength, even a smaller man's, can be overcome by many woman. I am not a faint of heart, I am strong and independent, I stand up for myself. I also carry, but I would never pick up a gun or draw one on someone unless I intended to use it. That has to be a last resort. Therefore, I am right back where I started the only way for me is a large van or a smaller RV around 24 foot. Would like to hear from other women doing this full time or who are thinking about doing it full time. Do you have these same thoughts? Men are welcome to chime in. Can you understand that I don't feel I have the same freedom as a man in deciding which kind of rig I get. I also have back problems and a van I cannot stand up in is out of the question.
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Moe on the Go (01-21-2018), AbuelaLoca (05-18-2017)
Exactly why I sold my campers and bought a 22' class C. I have injuries also and wasn't going to be mucking about unhitching and hitching and all that goes with it. I looked at Class Bs and that's what I wanted but I just felt I needed a bit more storage space and didn't want to tow anything.

The peace of mind I feel when I don't have to get in and out is way worth it to me. By the way, that 22 footer can be parked in most places and isn't such a bear to maneuver like towing the trailers. It has a ton of space for me.

I looked at a ton of them new and used before I bought and am quite happy with what I ended up with.

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DrJean (05-19-2017), jonesingforadventure (05-19-2017), AbuelaLoca (05-18-2017), GHostRiDer (05-18-2017)
To me your answer is easy. Get the Class B. That's what I plan on. I too thought of the safety issue of a trailer, but I want to be stealth any way. I too have back problems/instability after surgery, etc. and I really want to stand up too.
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Moe on the Go (01-21-2018), DrJean (05-19-2017), GHostRiDer (05-18-2017)
Yes and no. Yes I think about it. No I am not worried about it.

One thought with a truck camper that might make you reconsider...get a truck that has sliding back windows that you can leave cracked all the time, and make sure a truck camper has the same window option or modify yourself. That way you would have a way to crawl through the opening to get to the front. When I take my truck camping and sleep in the cab that is how I get in and out at night if I have to go pee.
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AbuelaLoca (05-18-2017), GHostRiDer (05-18-2017)
There are dozens of women out there in Class B's and small class C's having a great time. Some of them seem to travel and camp together for security and companionship. Actually, I know a couple men who are also leery about safety in a trailer. Don't obssess on it. Just go with what makes you feel comfortable.
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Moe on the Go (01-21-2018), AbuelaLoca (05-18-2017), GHostRiDer (05-18-2017)
I would say the decision of safety vs. rv type is based on your comfort level, and that's where the members on this and other forums can give you their real life feedback to help you make up your mind. BUT if you do have back and other physical issues, I personally would consider this in the decision too since dealing with loading/unloading a truck camper and hitching/unhitching a trailer are much more physical than just pulling up in a Class A, B or C and parking. Think about it realistically and decide what would or wouldn't aggravate your condition. This is a big factor since none of us are getting any younger. Good luck.
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AbuelaLoca (05-18-2017), GHostRiDer (05-18-2017)
I will admit it was a thought even as a man that I would feel better being able to drive away AND I dislike the effort of hitching and unhitching unless I know I will be sitting for a while. So anymore I stay hitched up and have gotten use to sleeping in the trailer at rest stops, truck stops and even a Walmart. I camp so far out that I figure it's rare to see people much less a nut case.
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AbuelaLoca (05-18-2017), GHostRiDer (05-18-2017)
My youngest daughter has used my (hers now) truck camper for several years while doing her undergraduate work at Rice in Houston and now she uses it in the Dallas area while continuing her schooling.

She's never had an issue, or at least none she told me about. Hers is an Outfitter Apex 8 and she uses it as her quiet space. I don't think it's any more or less dangerous than any other type of RV. She does have a conceal carry permit.

I think whatever you feel comfortable in or safe is entirely up to you. She has met many women of all different ages traveling both alone and a few who caravan in numbers.

Best of luck in your choice.

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AbuelaLoca (05-18-2017), GHostRiDer (05-18-2017)

I agree with you.  I have had every type of RV in my 65 years and my favorites have been those in which I can easily move from back to front and drive away.  Partly because of safety, mostly because it's just so much easier.  It is also easier to keep a low profile.  For instance, I have overnighted in highway rest areas and truck stops.  I pull in, park, and move to the back without getting out.  My windows are tinted as dark as legally allowed.  Nobody can see who is inside, especially at night (lights out).  Next morning, I move to the front and leave, never having exited the RV/van.  This is also nice in inclement weather.

At my age, I don't think I want to be crawling through small windows to access the driver's seat in a panic or emergency situation.  Don't know if I could anyway.

As for taking self defense classes, we all know the best self defense is to avoid trouble in the first place and be prepared for it if it comes, in whatever way works best for you.

I don't own a firearm anymore.  I do have a flashlight with a built in stun feature that I love and carry all the time.  It fits in my pocket.  Great led light, use it all the time, rechargeable via AC or DC.  Just the sound it makes has stopped dogs in their tracks from getting too close.  i like it because if I ever have to use it, it most likely won't kill anyone and if it should be taken from me and used against me, it won't kill me either.  And it looks like a flashlight.  Very low profile.

So I'm getting ready to take out my new-to-me Class B in two weeks.  Woo hoo!

Best wishes.
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Moe on the Go (01-21-2018), AbuelaLoca (05-18-2017), GHostRiDer (05-18-2017), Cammalu (05-18-2017)
(05-18-2017, 10:47 AM)hepcat Wrote: Interesting thoughts.  I happen to be a motorhome guy after nearly thirty years of trailer towing; but for different reasons than you describe.  If you wanted to fear-monger a moho, I could do that with equal alacrity to travel trailers and pickup campers.  They're all vulnerable to a determined assailant.

Let me suggest to you that your fears of not being able to defend yourself because you're female are largely unfounded.  It sounds like you suffer more from a lack of self-confidence about handling yourself in a confrontation than actual fear of the confrontation itself.  And I think your thought about men being less likely to be attacked than women doesn't really bear out statistically.  I'll grant you that the motives for men being attacked are different than for women.

First thank you for your response. My fears are not that I cannot defend myself. I have defended myself many times over the years of my life. I have what I feel is a healthy respect for what is a real concern to most women. Second, I would prefer to leave than have to do harm to someone, but would not hesitate to do so if my life or limb was in jeopardy and it would be lethal. I do have some training, as we get older our reflexes are not what they once where. Situational awareness is strong within me, my police officer son says I see everything. Forget the news I do not watch much of it at all. I am an RN who has worked with patients who were violent and I have avoided being injured. Let me ask you to imagine 5 females that you know, they can be friends, your sisters, your mother. Now let me give you a true statistic from 7 years ago.  You may not ever know, most will never tell. With all due respect let me suggest you know nothing about me.

Fact #5: One out of every five American women has been the victims of an attempted or completed rape in their lifetime. (The National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey 2010)Fact #6: Approximately 1,270,000 women are raped each year. Another 6,646,000 are victims of other sexual crime, including sexual coercion, unwanted sexual contact, or unwanted sexual experiences. (Department of Justice 2010).
"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us"
"I have come to believe that life is a series of ironic ambushes"
"It is not down on any Map; True places never are"
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