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If I was a Man it might not matter/ Safety Issue
(05-19-2017, 08:51 PM)DrJean Wrote: Fear is subjective.
Situational awareness is key.
If you do all you can to be safe (don't pull into a site you have to back out of  if you can be blocked etc)... then you've done all you can do.

I survived Hurricane Andrew at ground zero.  There's no such thing as safety in numbers.
I believe I am safest when I am in God's will where He wants me.

I'd be more concerned about the strange disappearances in the National Parks, especially in the NW Territory.

Anyway, modern neurobiology has proven what we call "the observer effect" in that what you BELIEVE you will encounter is what you WILL encounter... the mind's thoughts are not ethereal but real entities growing in the brain and are visible on scans....  you can create with your mind!  
I also went through Hurricane Andrew in Homestead, FL, destroyed the house with us in it. I imagine I will never in my lifetime be that scared again. It was 10 hours of absolute terror. I share your interest in the disappearances in the National Parks. I bet your a CoasttoCoast listener? Those missing person cases are the strangest thing. Thoughts are real entities growing in the amazing....would really be interested in reading more about that.
"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us"
"I have come to believe that life is a series of ironic ambushes"
"It is not down on any Map; True places never are"
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I have to give "Every Road Leads Home" credit for this. I read it and it really opened my eyes. The fact that you (ladies) are doing this or thinking about doing it already proves just how brave you are. Though we may worry, I don't think we will let fear stop us, we will push through it and find our way out on the other side. These women in this article are proof of that. The women already on the road are proof.
"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us"
"I have come to believe that life is a series of ironic ambushes"
"It is not down on any Map; True places never are"
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frater secessus (12-28-2017)
Excellent article. ^^^

Fear, and other people responses to your fear, is such an interesting thing. Men especially seem to like to tell us we're being overly cautious, other women tend to get it for the most part, at least women who've stepped outside their comfort zone now and then. But as the article says, we have a lifetime of conditioning to deal with, it can be overcome, but it takes time and patience and a strong desire, coupled with a willingness to accept the perceived risk in order to have the experience.
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To some extent media is to blame for our helpless attitude. It tells us just cooperate with the bad guy and you will be OK. This is utter nonsense. This leaves your fate completely up to the bad guy. The bad guy then tells you don't fight and I wont harm you. Why wouldn't they be a liar as well?
No reason to fight fair with them either. If the only thing you have is spray oven cleaner, wash out their eyes. (You keep it to wash camp fire grills at gatherings). If nothing else, get a bunch of their DNA under your fingernails.
The world is not perfect, and neither am I. Get over it already. 
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My first camper vehicle was a pickup truck with a shell/canopy on the back. I had to get out of the back to get into the front.

My next rig was a shorty cargo van. Why? Camped at the Black Canyon of the Gunnison Park, I was talking to a couple from Kansas. They were on their way home from a trip to visit someone in Alaska, and they told me about a situation that I hadn't considered. They were in their travel trailer, and woke up to what felt like an earthquake -- their trailer was bouncing around. The husband jumped out of bed and looked out the window............... right into the face of a huge grizzley bear, who was pushing the trailer. He grabbed his rifle. But he didn't want to open the door or window to shoot. He didn't really want to shoot through the closed window. He didn't know what to do. Then the bear gave up and wandered off. After a while, they got out and ran for the cab, jumped in, and spent the rest of the night there. They said they wanted to continue to travel, but they weren't going to get caught in that situation again.

Personally check out the different kinds of vans and RVs, and see which type feels best to you. I doesn't matter what anyone else here thinks -- YOU decide what's right for you.
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you are right about "just" driving away. road blocked? going nowhere fast.

best is to lean how to fight.
a 85 pound lady can bring down a 200 pound guy easily, (and i mean for the count) just knowing how is the key.
have things around you 24-7-365 that you can use to protect yourself.
learn how to shoot a pistol. and why NOT to shoot.

understanding what is around you is the first step. all family's and older peps, or that drunk camp over there the one with quads, guns blazing. overly loud music. huge bon fire etc, etc.
is anybody else camping close to them????

just know and understand what is about you. not just for camping, even walking down a city street.
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