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I still have a motorcycle endorsement on my license, but it's been awhile since I've owned one or ridden.

I was looking at a local ad site - NOT CRAIGSLIST - called Want Ad Digest just for fun and noticed a couple of Honda Gold Wings that had been kit-converted to trikes for sale.

Anybody here got any experience with them?

Queen, you mentioned that riding used to be your life, but you can't do it anymore.  Ever consider a trike?

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Beware that there are 'real' trike conversions and there are faux trikes where they just add two wheels to the bike, kind of like training wheels on a kids bike. It's almost like they shouldn't be licensed as a motorcycle when they have four wheels. I guess the authorities look the other way...... it could happen.

In Florida...
320.01(27) "Motorcycle" means:

(27)…any motor vehicle having a seat or saddle for the use of the rider and designed to travel on not more than three wheels in contact with the ground, but excluding a tractor or a moped.

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Smile I like trikes! Don't know why as I've never been on one.  Either a trike or something with a sidecar is about the only thing I could ride now with out fallin' slap over the first red  light I came to.  I thought I saw a Trike coming at me on the Old Newton Rd by Ft Rucker last Thur.  Boy was I surprised!  It looked like training wheels...... phooey.  But if it works work it.  Q needs a side car  Smile

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I've found that a couple of times when I went years without a motorcycle, the skills and instincts all come back after just a day or two back in the saddle. Just don't think I could ever settle for a trike. Two wheels are safer too.

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it's like eating a pizza without a sidecar otoh

and the first time you have a stator go bad in a wing either break out the pocket book or set aside a few weeks to drop the engine and split the cases. so if you're looking at them make damn sure they're charging.
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They are fairly popular. Definitely different in the riding experience; use more upper body vs. lower body on 2-wheels. My cousin in Texas converted his Harley to a trike (prosthesis leg).
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A MC endorsement may not apply to three wheelers and a another endorsement may be required. Nevada is that way.
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OP, I have, I've ridden a few and they're not my cup of tea.  If money weren't an issue I'd have a hack in a heartbeat.  I owned a couple of Triumph Bonnevilles over the years and think they make the perfect sidecar vehicle.  

Isn't that gorgeous??  Come on lotto!

[Image: 240096183_U4pmz-M.jpg]
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nice ^
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           I owned/rode/enjoyed a URAL sidecar rig for a few years. FYI side-cars rigs do not drive like either a motorcycle nor a trike, you have to actively steer them with your arms every foot of the ride. They also tend to pivot around the tub (sidecar) as in they tend to pull left when you apply brakes and tend to pull right when you accelerate. They also are interesting when you go around right hand corners as the tub tends to lift off the ground. This is called "flying the chair" between Ural pilots (kids of all ages love it!). If you don't have a passenger, throw in 100 pounds of "something" into the sidecar to mitigate this tendency while you are learning. That said, the Ural was an absolute hoot to ride off-road (power slides in corners like crazy!) and made an excellent "exploration camper" (lots of storage space) that will go almost anywhere (2WD!) as long as you don't like to go fast (max speed is about 55 mph or slower...seriously!). I'd still have it but the dog refused to ride in the tub. Maybe she has more sense than me?

Back on topic; Side-car rigs, trikes and motorcycles are very different machines and all ride/drive differently. There is almost no similarity in riding a trike vs. a side-car. I would urge anyone considering between a trike and sidecar to test ride them both before making a finial decision.

1) You can have a "real conversion" done to your motorcycle, permanently making it into a three wheeler.
2) You can buy a set of "drive on wheels" so now you have three wheels in the back, basically converting the motorcycle into a "trike" of sorts. Basically fixed training wheels with your motorcycle's rear tire between the two. You can "drive off" these when you want to convert back to "motorcycle mode". 
3) Yes, you can by training wheels/landing gear for your motorcycle. They fold up automatically above 15 mph and deploy below 15 mph. Perfect for folks with heavy bikes and balance issues, especially at low speeds. The big plus is your motorcycle still handles like a motorcycle at "road speed" but you have no worries about balancing during slow speed maneuvers or stops. Very helpful for stabilizing the bike when a passenger climbs aboard.

IMHO: They are ALL fun to ride! (Except those stupid/silly car like "Slingshots" = NOT a motorcycle!)

Happy Trails!
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