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Hi everyone!!

I'm moving into a 2000 GMC Savana Cargo Van with my dog (a 70 lb Am Staff).

Because of the timing and circumstances, I will be converting the van as we live in it.

I'm a photographer who is on set quite a bit.  Usually he comes with me.  But in the event 

that he can't , I need to have a comfortable environment for him.  I live in Los Angeles where it can get a little warm.

Has anyone here heard of or has used the icy breeeze?

I was wondering what your thoughts on the product.

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They are supposed to be effective in a small space.

In truly hot temps I suspect ice cubes would not last more than a few hours of use, probably need to use a block.

And you could DIY much cheaper of course.
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turbojenkins (05-29-2017)
Can your dog drag 70 lb. ice blocks around? It sounds like a $5K car that gets 70 mpg, a 300 mile range electric car, and a low pollution VW diesel: vapor :-o

I'd like a dog too, so don't give up, please!
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Cammalu (08-13-2017)
you could make your own a whole lot cheaper.  5 gallon pail. some 3-4" pvc, and a fan. Same as fancy one, just add ice or a frozen 1 gallon milk jug. I built one to cool a room in Florida. If I replace the 120v. fan with a 12v. dc fan I don't see why it wouldn't work in a vehicle.

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The only difference between a rut and a grave is the depth.
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