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Historic Salem, MA
Hi All,
Just wanted to share a couple of lovely spots to overnight in Salem, MA.   I've been here almost two months and I've found Salem a very welcoming and easygoing place in general. I like the downtown area with all the historic witchy themed museums and the waterfront.

The first is the parking area for the Salem ferry to Boston.  Soon after I arrived I asked where some overnight parking might be available and two locals pointed me to this place, which is great.  Right on the water, and so far I've always been able to snag a spot, though it will likely get more congested as the season progresses.  I've noticed a couple other vandweller/RVers here, as well as a few cars that spend days in the same spot.  Only downside is there's no shade and so heats up pretty quickly of a sunny morn.

There's also a goodly area of municipal parking downtown, especially near the Salem YMCA.  They're metered up to 4 hours between 8am and 6pm M-Sat, but outside of that you can park overnight no charge.  I like it for the few trees you can maybe park under, and it's close to the cool parts of town.

Lastly, Salem Willows park, a really nice area that's home to a strip of old timey beach type arcades and fried seafood spots. It's a great park and a big waterfront parking area that RVs are welcome to overnight in.  Also nearby is a long strip of street, Fort St., across from the power plant, that allows overnight parking for RVs and such. I haven't seen but one there yet, though I'm sure more will arrive with the summer.

There are also the standard hotels in the outskirts and a couple malls, one with a Planet Fitness (Highland Ave., Hawthorne Mall) that I've overnighted in.  Good luck travelers!
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