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Travel information centers?
I've stayed at many WMs and have had few problems. At Coos Bay,OR I was irritated when someone in a TT pulled in near me and ran a gennie past midnight. I pulled up near to them and laid on my horn for a good 5 seconds or so then moved to the other end of the lot.
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My experience with the travel information centers has been pretty positive. The people that work there are usually pretty friendly and generally have a good knowledge of the local area. I was at one up in Montana last summer and struck up a conversation with one of the ladies working there. I was camping with my son at the time and she gave us ideas on local places to see while we were there that I doubt we ever would have thought of on our own.

One was a really cool natural hot spring that was a hole in the wall kind of place that was pretty cool to hang out at. The other was a deserted town that used to have a population of 10,000 and now it's down to a few hundred. But all the buildings are there. Fire, library, city hall. Everything you see in a small town. But this one was pretty much deserted. We never would have even looked for it if if were not for the
helpful lady at the information center.

So they are a great place to park for the night while traveling but if you are taking your time it's a great way to find out cool things to do in the area as well.
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